Black Devils March - A Doomed Odyssey: The 1st Polish Armoured Division 1939-1945

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Once the light shines in the dark room, there is light in the room. Salaried class have their tax deducted at source by their employers. This is a tedious procedure for Senior citizens as they have FDs in different banks and every bank has its own Form 15 format. In such a scenario majority of senior citizens will not take the trouble of filling Form 15H as the tax deducted will be minimal and refunds are now prompt. They are against the killing of cows, but why aren't they against the killing of rats and eating of fish?

These gau rakshaks cow vigilantes are only saving cows from being eaten but not fish from being eaten and rats from being killed. The government of India is only worried about saving cows from being killed and eaten and not bothered about women being molested, raped and killed. We need to understand that infertility is a real grief. Overwhelmingly IVF cycles fail; and typically costs six figures to successfully conceive and bear IVF babies, leaving the failed embryos in limbo! If you really look at the evidence in medical literatures, it will only reinforce the Catholic stand which upholds that the human embryo is a human being right from the moment of conception!

Hazel Colaso, Bandra West , Mumbai. As a matter of fact it takes time for us to try and grasp the actual meaning of this new term, which is being constantly used to the extent that it has been declared the word of the year , by the Oxford Dictionaries. Post - truth is defined as an adjective relating to the circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping political public opinion than emotional appeals.

Though its selection followed last years Brexit and US Presidential election, post- truth was originally coined in Many will say that we Indians have been living in a post - truth period for sometime now. The new digital world we live in permits anybody with a computer and access to the internet to post their opinions online and mark them as fact. These then become legitimised as true fact through echo-chambers.

Everybody's voice becomes legitimate as fact based on how many views it gets, creating an environment based on click baits that appeals to emotion instead of researched facts. Content that gets more views is continually passed around different internet circles, regardless of its legitimacy. The overwhelming amount of fact available to everybody with a tablet or smart phone on the internet, leads to an attitude focused on knowing the information dished out, instead of an underlying truth or carefully thought out opinion.

The rise of post-truth politics has coincided with polarised political beliefs around many democracy's and especially in India. A latest social research project has found that those with the consistent ideological views on the left and right, have information streams that are distinct from each other. Data is becoming increasingly accessible as new information technologies are introduced to the everyday lives of ordinary citizens. An obsession for data and statistics filters into the political scene and political debates.

Political speeches especially by excellent. Sensationalised instant tv news repeatedly emphasise political grand statements. The situation worsens with the tv channels that have to depend on ads from political parties. This deliberate and constant shaping from the media influences how the public views political issues and politicians. Social media and the internet adds to an additional dimension, as the close networks that users create can become echo chambers where one political viewpoint dominates and scrutiny of claims fails, allowing a parallel media ecosystem websites, publishers and news channels to develop, which can repeat post - truth claims without rebuttal.

In this environment especially which surrounds lots of gullible less educated people, post - truth campaigns can ignore fact checks or dismiss them as being motivated by bias. There is a rapid rise of articles or blogs of dubious factual content with a misleading headline, designed to be widely shared on social media. Chasing down of these free clicks at the expense of accuracy and veracity, is undermining the value of journalism and truth. Unfortunately in our country there are not many fact checking and debunking sites. As the fake news sites that are financially supported by powerful political entities have multiplied, they have opened the sluice gates in the dam, to pour through so.

At one time we had truth and lies. Now we have truth, lies, and statements that may not be true but we consider too benign to call false. We are economical with the truth, we sweeten it or tell the truth improved. The term deceive gives way to spin. At worst we admit to misspeaking, or exercising poor judgment. Nor do we want to accuse others of lying. A liar we say is ethically challenged, someone for whom the truth is temporarily unavailable. This is post-truth. In the post-truth era, borders blur between truth and lies, honesty and dishonesty, fiction and nonfiction.

Deceiving others becomes a challenge, a game, and ultimately a habit. Research suggests that the average Indian tells lies on a daily basis. Why do so many, even those with no ap Contd.. It then turns to amber saffron , before the green light gives us the signal to move ahead. I have unwittingly followed this colour sequence in my trilogy on the bishops of U. I have been severely critical of that meeting and had expressed the view that if at all such a meeting did have to take place then the laity should have been in the forefront. Though more than two weeks have elapsed since that clandestine tryst on the 21st April, till the time of writing no information had trickled out on what transpired.

I feel that this is a ratta-pitta dialogue, because the nation is already aware of this. Besides, education today is so competitive and commercialised, that the service element is all but gone. Health definitely remains a major service. My daughter just delivered a baby in Mariampur Hospital, Kanpur, and I can testify that in health services our Christian witness is very powerful because of the amenities provided and the relatively low charges, as compared to private hospitals.

But we need to move on. Be that as it may, what would I have chosen to speak about? Nor is the hysterical cry to cut off the heads of Pakistani soldiers, to avenge the beheading of two Indian ones. TV anchors cleverly steer a debate in the direction that they have pre-determined. Skilled negotiators, even in a hostage crisis, know how to change the course of an interaction. I may. This invariably silences them. As I was speaking his face fell, because I had neutralised his subjective opinion with objective truth.

So what should we talk about when confronted by the pseudo-nationalists of today? I would choose to talk about our contribution to the Defence Services and Public Life. He was not the only one. At that time Colaco held the same Contd.. Contact direct. When Noronha became the Chief Secretary of M. The administrative training institute in Bhopal is named after him. Indira Gandhi chose A. He says that Nehru credited the early Christian missionaries, especially the Baptist mission of Serampore for being pioneers in printing in native languages pg His daughter Indira Gandhi, while speaking of Padmab-.

Such eloquent testimonies cannot be brushed aside. Even in an area like sports we have seen how the evergreen Leander Paes rose to dizzying heights when representing the country. From their names many would not know that other sporting icons like Vijay Amritraj and Vijay Hazare are also from the. Christian community. But if there is one area where Christians have excelled in inverse proportion to their numbers, it is in the Defence Services.

It is a story that needs to be told, to silence any critics who may dare to call Christians antinational. We have had two Defence Ministers, both respected for their simplicity and integrity, in George Fernandes and A. But it is the men in uniform that truly make us proud. The community has produced no less than 6 Chiefs of Staff — Admirals R.

Browne for the Air Force; and. General S. Add another F — Fighters! Faleiro adds that before the Liberation of Goa in , the Goans that had joined the Defence Services were expatriates living in different parts of India. In fact in the operation 7 of the 8 Goan officers involved were Catholics. Does one require any further proof of where our loyalties lie? How many of us know that two brave Christian pilots, at different times, saved the lives of two Prime Ministers?

But he had to choose between a nose landing that would kill him, and a tail landing that would endanger the Prime Minister. He chose the former, true brave heart and martyr. The first Gallantry Awards were conferred in Of them, Air Cmdre Anthony Suares had the rare distinction of winning it again in Most of the dare devil pilots of that era were Anglo Indians. I could not glean much information on the war.

The faithful came to the sanctuary from early dawn, despite the start of Mass being scheduled for in the morning. Catholic weekly celebrates 90th anniversary Korea: The Catholic Times of Korea, founded by young lay Catholics in , pledged to keep elucidating the teachings of Christ, at its 90th anniversary celebration.

The newspaper held the celebration at Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul on April In his homily, Archbishop Cho of Daegu asked the weekly to "continue transmitting truth, caring for the poor and alienated and helping Catholics look at society with the eyes of Christ. In several cases, women were detained in the hospital immediately after the delivery of her baby and before they had a chance to recover.

Many women were jailed as they were visiting their imprisoned husbands, leaving the children stranded in the ensuing chaos. Since July , Turkish authorities have arrested more than 45, people, including teachers, soldiers, intellectuals, opposition politicians, businessmen, journalists, activists and ordinary citizens. More than , public servants have been either suspended or dismissed. A number increased in recent months, in the wake of a repression campaign launched by the authorities. According to Turkeypurge, website documenting arrests and repression, especially after a coup attempt on July 15, prisons in Turkey turned into a hub for Turkish women, as the government adopted a policy of imprisoning those who, in some cases, have just given.

Marking the occasion, Card. Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai, consecrated and blessed the new altar of the church. The cardinal also renewed the act of consecration of the archdiocese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He told the crowd: "Let us live the message of Fatima. Pray for peace and make sacrifices emphasizing the power of prayer. Speaking in front of the devotees of Our Lady, whose worship is increasingly widespread among non-Christians, the cardinal said: "At Fatima the Blessed Virgin spoke of World War.

Wars continue today, with different forms and dangers, turmoil, upheaval and violence all over the world. Wars are also in our personal lives, in the struggle between good and evil. According to Card. Gracias, "in families there is a growing need to pray. Callistus Fernandes, rector of the sanctuary, reports that at the end of the celebration "all pilgrims lunched together. In the afternoon, Eucharistic adoration and family consecration followed. Here are the relevant portions of their statement. Enacting the foot washing ritual Jesus instituted as the exemplar of service and subversion of existing hierarchies, was a spiritual experience of bonding, reconciliation and an invitation to constant transformation.

Conducted at the start of our meeting, this ritual offered us an occasion also to connect to the community of some of the tribes in North East India for whom foot-washing is a gesture of purification and connectedness. It was an exercise that motivated us to assert that we are Church and to commit ourselves to the Kin-dom of God that welcomes with humility and loving care, the least and the last. It was an invitation to engage consciously in the politics of inclusion against the backdrop of the practices of exclusion, as exercised by the mainstream systems of power including that of religions.

Our reflections were based on a series of papers presented on the changing Indian scenario where economic and social inequalities are growing, and hyper-nationalism and communalism are surreptitiously being mainstreamed through the shrinking of democratic spaces and the tacit complicity of those in power. We observe the deliberate attempt in the global political economy to institutionalize exclusion by focusing on growth and the supremacy of the market, and using religion to polarize people.

The irreparable damage inflicted on the environment, led by the greed. This has increasingly led to the feminization of migration, exploitation of labour and increased vulnerability of the poor. Ethnicity and religion also create barriers to kinship. Within the family itself, traditional kinship relations are marked by discrimination on the basis of gender.

Being subversive of hierarchy it challenges exclusive sectarian practices and oppressive traditions. In using loving, humble. In this context, we feel called to push with prophetic courage the existing boundaries of divisions and discriminations that mark our society and Church, in the name of blind adherence to tradition. We see the Kin-dom as a gift and a task; a home coming of Sophia, a new wisdom that awakens us to be and become a transforming presence. The Kin-dom is at work in all social movements and various individual and collective initiatives that counter marginalization, discrimination, exploitation and exclusion — of people of minority faiths and genders, ethnicities, and caste hierarchies.

We need more of these guys to succeed as a nation. We will give back more of their money during next election. Though millions lost their temporary jobs, it was worth to be part of this digital new world. No worry even if there was no money in the new bank accounts to buy food. The bank accounts give us hope of that Ache Din, when the countries stolen money in Swiss banks, will flow into these new accounts. We need to get these girls back into their burkas where they belong. This question arises every time prominent figures are unmasked as fabulists. Branches are grafted onto their family trees to give it colour.

Unearned degrees show up on their resumes. Purchased medals appear on their chests. We can only understand the motives of such dissemblers by examining the sea in which they swim. So we now live in a world of 'Ache Din' that has arrived. It is a world where we are governed by ' Sabkha sath, Sabkha Vikas. The Note bandhi has unearthed the black money hidden in closets of the rich that are so large that they are still being counted before being announced. The nation is proud of the guys who like silent lambs stood for hours in. Post-truth is building a fragile social edifice based on false truths and wariness to find the truth.

It erodes the foundation of trust in what we read, which is the bases of any healthy civilization. When enough of us without a thought peddle fantasy as fact, society loses its grounding in reality. Society would start to crumble altogether if we assumed others are likely to do the same without guilt. Are we in India nearing that stage?

Arvind Kejrival has put himself in a position from where it might be a little difficult for him to retrieve the lost ground. He came into limelight post the Anna Hazare wave and quickly capitalized on that to enter into politics — something he dreaded to tread. Everybody applauded his humility. What a noble mission he had embarked upon with Anna as a Guru though the Guru who has seen more of Indian politics [from far] was not very comfortable with his chela plunging into the world of politics. In November he formed his party promising clean politics. He swept Delhi winning 67 out of 70 seats which floored the BJP completely.

Then came the general elections and Kejrival saw himself as a potential Prime Minister of India instead of concentrating on building his nascent organization. He made the cardinal mistake of assuming that Delhi would be a cakewalk while giving some time for Punjab candidates.

The biggest mistake of his life was the decision to take on Narendra Modi with disastrous results. This debacle should have made Kejrival put on his thinking cap and embark on course correction. Soon there were internal fissures within the party with some of the top AAP leaders either deserting the party or were summarily expelled.

Leader after leader began to realize that there was a perceptible change in the attitude and ambitions of their supreme leader. Allegations of arrogance and highhandedness surfaced. There was a feeling amongst the leaders that the values and principles enunciated by their mentor Annaji were being compromised. Leader after leader deserted Kejrival and he was left with a small coterie around him which guides the affairs of the party.

This lot alienated the dedicated workers of the party. The downslide had already started and the recent Punjab and Goa assembly elections brought home some truth about the party. With Goa rejecting the party completely, it earned a consolation prize. The Public keeps watching you all the time and they draw their own conclusions which manifest in the results of elections that are held from time to time. Congress ruled Delhi with BJP at the Centre but they handled their differences with maturity and reasonableness.

With allegations of nepotism, bribery and money laundering in the name of donations etc coming not only from his detractors but also from his own party members, the future is very bleak for Kejrival. Every dissenting voice is met with expulsion from the party.

Secular Citizen Vol No.8 dated 22nd May by Lawrence Coelho - Issuu

It is disintegrating and it may not be too long before Kejrival becomes part of history. His mentor Annaji has time and again berated him for deviating from the path which brought him into limelight. For the sake of power he has strayed from the principles and values of this great social crusader. A letter purported to have been addressed to the PM Narendra Modi is making rounds in the social media.

The appeal, inter alia, implores the Prime Minister to pay attention to the dire needs of this category of citizens. A number of demands have been placed before the Prime Minister which includes tax benefits, higher interest rate on deposits, exemption from filing returns with no taxable income, subsidized medicines etc. The government at some point showed concern and brought about a legislation making it incumbent on the children to look after their parents — move which was applauded by the elders. The parents bring up their children; some with ease while a.

The government therefore realized that the children must in turn reciprocate in difficult times in their old age. Unfortunately, in many cases, children who are doing well do not take care of their aged parents and leave them to fend for themselves. Mary's PA. The man said Nealen also abused his two friends. Another woman alleged in that her year-old son was molested 30 years prior by Nealen at Queen of the World. Source: St Vincent Archabbey He had been accused of abusing a deaf boy of about age 13 in the late s, while still a priest. Nealon denied the accusations at the time and also said that he had been exonerated after an investigation.

Source: Plain Dealer Report to the docese in of abuse in Source: Diocese of Monterey list Man claimed Neary raped him at least times as a child over a 2-year period in the s. Diocese would not discuss case but said they offered to pay the man's counseling bills. Source: Post-Standard Per testimony in trial of Fr Albert Liberatori, 'Father Ned' was accused of sexually assaulting at least two boys in mid The priest was sent for counseling, cleared for reassignment, and then sexually assaulted a 3rd youth.

He was never reported to police and never criminally prosecuted. Source: Times Leader Nee "retired" in but had his priestly faculties removed because of allegations of sexual misconduct with a teenager in s. Died February 19, Source: Newsday Accused in a lawsuit of abusing an altar boy in either or Plaintiff filed the suit pro se. Neeson retired in , died in , and had been a priest for 76 of his 99 years. He was believed to have been the longest-serving priest in the US. Plaintiff was in prison serving time for forgery, sexual abuse, theft, and being a persistent felon when he filed suit.

Source: Courier-Journal The report said further that the victim was abused by other members of the T. Franciscans years later. Source: Neetz Obituary Dressed only in underwear, priest allegedly lay on top of boy, now more than 18, at the boy's parents' house. Neighbor died in Neiman succeeded Rev. Gerald Joyal as pastor. Previously the boy was allegedly abused repeatedly by Joyal in starting at age 8. Charged in after DA obtained Brooklyn church files. Nelson pled not guilty. He was accused of visiting a year-old girl in , taking her on his lap, touching her breasts under her bra, and pushing his penis into her buttocks through her clothing, while her terminally ill grandmother sat nearby.

Parents reported the abuse, Nelson was removed, then accepted in the NY archdiocese after Bishop Tharmaraj of Kottar, India, wrote ltr of recommendation. Convicted and sentenced to 4 months jail. Source: Daily News 2. Source: Diocese of El Paso List Alleged abuse occurred weekly or biweekly in the St. Anthony's rectory in Nanuet NY, where he was pastor, and at a house during vacations with the girl's family when the rest of the family was at the beach. Netter was made monsignor in Source: Complaint Plaintiff also sued two insurance companies. A suit alleges Neugerger of abusing a boy in In June, Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed these suits and 5 others againstother priests after ruling that victims of repressed memories re sexual abuse only have 2 years after reaching majority to file complaints.

Source: San Antonio Express Ordained for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Incardinated into the Baton Rouge diocese when it was formed in Named publicly as accused by the Baton Rouge diocese on its list in early Source: The Advocate Removed from ministry in Source: Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston List Accused in a civil suit of abusing a youth for four years in the s at O'Gorman High School, and of stalking him.

Family went to Bishop to request Church order him to stop. Neuroth admitted similar relationship with two other boys, and a third who died by suicide. One man said Neuroth abused him in the s from his pre-teen through college years. Suit settled Source: Argus Leader SD Ordained of the Diocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Worked in Santa Rosa Accused in of abuse in Source: Diocese of Santa Rosa List Archdiocese promised that Newell would never work in youth ministry again. Rmoved from ministry "for other reasons" in but in , he was found working with young men as a priest in Tijuana, Mexico.

Final decision on his future is in the hands of Rome. Accused in suit of sexually abusing year-old old boy , Allegedlyplied the boy with drugs and alcohol and performed oral sex on him. Suit dismissed on SOL. Newman resigned from Ryan for financial mismanagement in Sentenced to years. Newman was listed in Long Island Catholic as retiring in Article says his priestly faculties removed because of allegations of sexual misconduct. Per same article, Newman had been working in San Diego Diocese for at least the last 10 years. He left the Rockville Center Diocese in late s.

Archdiocese learned in that Newman had admitted sexually abusing several minors in ss and then told Order. Order removed him from his assignment where he had been working since Police investigated in but no charges filed. Newman was working in Hartford CT diocese in when he was placed on leave because the past allegation was found during review of Baltimore priest files. Newman had been at the parish since Source: findagrave; Diocese of Gallup Downloaded Pastor of Holy Trinity when suspended due to an allegation Neylon sexually abused a or year-old boy in the early s.

Neylon denied the allegation. The diocese deemed it credible. Source: Diocese of Fall River Statement Priest of the Society of Domus Dei. Removed from ministry due to "credible allegations of serious and unacceptable conduct with minors. Sent from Orange diocese to Idaho in after he had an affair with an adult female. Was returned in to Orange diocese after repairman found child porn on his computer at the church in Idaho.

Orange immediately placed him on leave.

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Idaho authorities later determined there was not sufficient evidence of a criminal act. Source: OC Register A second suit alleged abuse Nguyen was removed from his assignment as a chaplain at St. Diocese continued investigation while Nguyen remained on leave. Source: Cincinnati Post Ordained in Oslo, Norway. Vietnam native. Placed on leave.

Police began an investigation, which was soon dropped.

Went to Helsinki, Finland diocese. To Sweden , worked with Vietnamese Mission. Source: Press-Enterprise CA Extern priest from the Archdiocese of Saigon, Vietnam. Worked in the Biloxi diocese Ministry prohibited in after the diocese received reports that he had sexually abused adolescent girls. The girls' parents first reported the abuse to the police. Source: Diocese of Biloxi List All three priests remained in active service because the allegations were either anonymous or withdrawn per church spokesman. Working in Okporo, Orlu diocese, in Nigeria in From Vietnam.

Arrived in the U. Incardinated into the diocese in Diocese deemed allegations credible. Nhi contested the finding. Final determination of his canonical status pending. Nicewicz was assigned as chaplain at state prison in Gardner, MA when he was accused in of child rape and molestation involving 2 girls, ages 11 and 12, from Sutton. Received a jail sentence in Source: United Press International In 2 boys claimed abuse by Nichols at West Allys in s. Parents went to pastor in who suggested the youths write letter to archbishop.

At least one did. Diocese offered counseling but allowed Nichols to continue as a priest.

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He worked as apriest psychologist and victim counselor. He engaged in oral sex with a minor in Complaint filed in and in he surrendered his license to practice psychology. Also barred from priestly duties then. Died in at age Complaint made to Diocese in and it conducted its own investigation for 4 months before telling police.

Atty General's office investigated. Nichols placed on leave. He claimed that the victim was the aggressor in the incident. Source: Burlington Free Press 2.

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Albans Messenger 3. One suit settled after man claimed he was abuse by Nicholson when he was a boy. At least 11 known victims. Louis Co. Nicholson, a chaplain assigned to Air Force Academy, was accused of pressing a female freshman at Air Force Academy in into an improper sexual relationship after she had gone to him for counseling. The relationship resumed briefly in Woman told military investigators of the relationship in and he was discharged from Air Force in Another woman came forward in to allege abuse by Nicholson when she was 15 in s.

Previously part of Mobile AL diocese. Source: Denver Post Accused of sex abuse of a boy on several occasions , at St. Rocco's in Newark. Also accused of giving the boy alcohol. A second man alleged that he was molested as a child while staying at a Newark homeless shelter founded by Nickas. The diocesan review board deemed both allegations not credible. After the first settlement, attorney asked that this man's claims be re-investigated. Multiple alleged victims noted. Source: FindAGrave Known as "Brother Dave" while ministering in Milwaukee in s, Nickerson confessed in to abuse of a 9 or 10 yr old boy in mids at St.

Vincent De Paul school. This was only after another "Brother Dave" David Sanders had been arrested, convicted at trial, and sentenced to 15 yr sentence as of Jan. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison. Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7. Nickse, originally from Cuba, had worked in Florida for at least 20 years. He was placed on leave in June, after lawsuit claimed he and Fr. Castellanos abused a 15 yr old youth in Some settled in Nickse died of heart attack in Dec. Source: Miami Herald Woman filed suit in alleging that Niebrugge had abused her for many years, beginning when she was 10, and that he had fathered her child which was born in Woman had been taken from an abusive family and lived with Niebrugge for many years in various rectories.

Niebrugge died in Source: Belleville News-Democrat Indicted in at age Convicted in on 10 counts of sexual abuse on as many as 18 minors. Sentenced to 10 yrs probated and admittance to St. Ordered by Diocese to remain there even after his 10 yr sentence was over. Source: Courier Journal 4.

Louis Post Dispatch 3. Accused of touching a boy's buttocks after a Confirmation in Returned to ministry as archbishop. It reportedly found "sexual advances" by Nienstedt toward two priests. Nienstedt kept findings secret and, per MPR report, authorized new investigation by 2nd law firm. Nienstedt denied the allegations. In working at Napa Institute in CA.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio Sent to treatment in after allegations of inappropriate touching of an year-old male a minor, per diocese. Returned to ministry. Source: KMTV Sued abuse of an 11 yr old boy at Boys Town of the Desert. Spent time at Paraclete center in Jemez Springs in Convicted of tax evasion in and spent 97 days in jail. Reassigned to St. Anne's Church in San Diego poorest parish in Diocese from - when he retired. No other charges reported. Source: Las Vegas Sun 5. Capuchin Franciscan Friar of the Province of St.

Mary, ordained in NY. Teacher, counselor, pastor, vice-provincial. First Guam assignment was assistant parish priest under Rev. Anthony Apuron who later became bishop, and in has many accusations against him of child sex abuse. The boy aspired to be a priest and was living at the rectory. Source: Republic Member of the Congregation of Presentation Brothers F. Noted to have been removed from ministry in the diocese. Source: Diocese of Jefferson City List Computer technician found screen saver with pornographic images, including some child pornography, and alerted police, who found more than images at residence.

Had been with order for 35 years. Was not currently involved in public ministry. Received 18 month prison term suspended and 5 years probation. Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette Accused of abuse of 3 per Archdiocese. Named in at least 1 suit. One allegation occurred reported to police Removed Faculties revoked Paul High in Santa Fe Springs. She claimed counseling paid for by the Church prevented her from filing suit in during CA. Source: LA Archdiocesan Report, page 2 Accused after his death of the sexual abuse of a child.

Assigned Late s-early s to St. Mary's in Lebanon. Source: Pennlive Source: Diocese of Brooklyn List Boys told a family camping nearby, and police were called. Noia pled no contest to one felony charge; sentenced to jail for six months, five years probation and psych treatment. Returned to duty in Source: San Jose Mercury News Died The man stated that he felt he could now put the matter behind him. Joseph's in Fort Atkinson. Nolan retired at age 64 in , citing a heart condition. Previous assignments included parishes in Watertown, Madison and Cambridge; also St.

John Vianney in Janesville under Rev. Gerald Vosen, later successfully sued for child sex abuse. Janesville police contacted the diocese about Nolan in after a friend of the man alleging misconduct in contacted them with concerns. Source: Channel Per articles, woman told diocese that he had abused her in s and s. Diocese reportedly told her they believed her but not enough evidence to take action. They did place him on leave. Name not on list sent to Atty Gen. Sent for psych. See Atty General report for relevant documents. Laicized Nov. Suit alleged school, order and diocese had prior knowledge of abuse by Norris.

He died in Source: News Journal He was deacon at St. Vincent de Paul Church. Removed from ministry. Sentenced to 70 months in federal prison and lifetime supervision after release. Archdiocese to ask that he be laicized. Source: Local 15 No date given for either. He was known to have served at St. Therese of Lisieux in North Lansing and at St. Mary in Westphalia. Source: Lansing State Journal Member of Montini Catholic HS board of directors. Per Official Catholic Directory was assigned to St. Anthony's in Joliet. Review Board deemed allegation credible. Matter sent to Rome. Settlements with eight men claiming abuse as minors.

Source: CBS Chicago Nowak was pastor at St. No physical contact took place per archdiocese statement. A second girl also filed complaint saying she received the same type of calls from him. Sentenced to 30 days jail and one year probation. A former nurse, Nowak was granted a partial registered nurse license in and a full license in Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Worked in New York, Guam and Hawaii.

Accused in a letter to Order's NY provincial of abusing a boy when the boy attended St. Mary's Seminary high school in Glenclyffe, NY. The accuser produced correspondence that substantiated his claim, including apology from Nowak. Order has paid for counseling for him. Faculties had been removed in for past allegations that "arose elsewhere.

Source: KUAM Accused in of sexually abusing two boys in Austin, TX. Sent for treatment then approved for return to ministry. Worked for the Order for eight years recruiting and guiding new members, with no unsupervised access to children. Assigned in to a New Orleans parish where he was made pastor in Placed on leave in after review of personnel file. Officials there said they had no knowledge of his past. Source: Times-Picayune Allegation reported after Nudd's death. Source: Diocese of Richmond List As of Nuedling, who died in , had been accused of abuse by 5 people. First complaints surfaced in when man said that Nuedling had abused him and possibly his brother in s.

Sklba confronted Nuedling who acknowledged misconduct. Anothercomplaint received in and Nuedling was forced to resign. All dismissed on SOL. Most later settled. Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Woman complained that Nugent abused her and 2 of her brothers. Told order in Nugent sent for therapy and reassigned. Woman complained again to order in Also named in suit filed by 4 former students at a junior seminary. Source: Gallagher 9. Accused in of abuse of boy ages in the late s-early s. Denied allegation. Accuser said he told diocese in but nothing done. Nunan was said to have paid one of the men in to keep quiet.

Source: Daily Freeman Reportedly accused in of molesting two brothers, one by then deceased, in the s. Report to state police; investigation closed because the surviving brother did not want to press charges. Another man said that when he was age 12, Nunez "spooned" him in bed after his mother insisted the boy stay the night in the rectory. Nunez denied the allegations. Source: Acadiana Advocate Ordained in Mexico. Moved to San Diego in , returned to Mexico , but then returned to San Diego and incardinated there in Man was 12 at the time.

He told another priest but nothing done. Nunez died in after nearly 40 years as a priest. Charged with criminal contact and endangering the welfare of a child after accused of groping a year-old girl in Boonton. Allegedly followed group of girls as they walked down the street, then put his hand under the girl's skirt, touched her buttocks and said, "You're sexy. Released from custody to Bethlehem Hermitage for priests in Bethlehem Township after surrendering passport.

If successful, charges to be dismissed and record expunged. Source: NJcom ; Daily Record Accused of abuse of 1 in per archdiocesan report. He also left archdiocese in Source: LA Archdiocesan Report 2. From Nigeria. Admitted in to abuse of girl, age Sentenced to five years prison. Named in civil suit by his victim. Diocese previously ignored complaints that he had sexually harassed adult women. May have been paroled in and sent back to Nigeria. Source: Dallas Morning News Accused of fondling girl, age 17, in rectory in Civil suit filed.

Diocese investigated and said it was inappropriate but not abuse. Allegations and per diocesan records. Arrested in Charleston SC for abuse in Was visiting priest there. Allegations in both Boston and Charleston. A year sentence changed to 5 years probation. Peter and Paul's in Kiel, where he was working in retirement, after Provincial's review of personnel files. Files revealed two complaint letters from parents re conduct with minors dating back to late s-early s, Per files, issues were addressed at the time but Nys was kept in ministry.

Yet, he maintained his great discipline of prayer, knowing that he would die within the octave of Corpus Christi, three months later. He was Can an overweight and air-conditioned society deprive itself of anything? It will when it discovers a reason, as Aloysius did. The motivation for letting God purify us is the experience of God loving us, in prayer.

Quote: "When we stand praying, beloved brethren, we ought to be watchful and earnest with our whole heart, intent on our prayers. Let all carnal and worldly thoughts pass away, nor let the soul at that time think on anything except the object of its prayer" St. Cyprian, On the Lord's Prayer, We possess a particularly interesting and detailed narrative of the circumstances of Bd John Rigby's arrest and martyrdom.

The account which, as mentioned above, he himself wrote of his experiences, came into the hands of Dr Thomas Worthington, the president of Douay College, and by him it was printed abroad in in a little book entitled, A Relation of Sixtene Martyrs glorified in England in twelve months. Rigby's text, with introductory matter and notes, was admirably edited by Father C. See also Challoner, MMP. After the death of his father Luarsab remained with his two sisters, Choreshan and Helen. He was still a child, but distinguished himself by his intellect and piety.

Despite his youthful age, he was crowned with the name Luarsab II. In Georgia suffered invasion by a Turkish army under the leadership of Deli-Mamad-khan. The young emperor gave decisive battle to the Turks near the village of Kvenadkotsi between Gori and Surami.

The Persian shah Abbas I, alarmed over this victory by the Georgians, and bearing enmity towards Luarsab II, sought for an opportunity to destroy him. But even this did not stop the shah. Several times he entered Georgia with a large army. Because of the treachery of several feudal lords, the emperor Luarsab and the Kakhetian emperor Teimuraz I were compelled at the end of to withdraw to Imeretia Western Georgia to the Imeretian emperor George III Shah Abbas I laid waste to Kakhetia and, threatening Kartli with ruin, he demanded that he should have Luarsab II, promising that if he came, he would conclude a peace.

The emperor Luarsab II, trying to preserve the churches of Kartli from devastation, set out to shah Abbas with the words, "I place all my hope in Christ, and whatever fate awaits me, life or death, blessed be the Lord God! After a hunt together Shah Abbas invited him to Mazandaran, but Luarsab II refused to eat fish since it was Great Lent , despite the threats and demands of the shah. The enraged shah began to insist that the Georgian emperor accept Islam, in return for which he promised to let him go with great treasures to Kartli, threatening death by torture if he did not.

The emperor Luarsab II, having from his youth kept strict fast and constantly at prayer, without hesitation refused the demands of the shah. They seized him and imprisoned him in the impenetrable fortress of Gulab-Kala, near Shiraz. The Mrovel Bishop Nicholas relates, that the emperor Luarsab spent seven years imprisoned in chains, undergoing cruel torments and frequent beatings to force him to accept Islam. But the holy confessor remained faithful to the Holy Church of Christ and accepted a martyr's death in the year at 35 years of age.

Two of his faithful retainers were martyred with him. By night the bodies of the holy martyrs were cast out of the prison without burial, but on the next day Christians committed them to earth in a common grave. Pope Yoannis the Nineteenth, th Patriarch of Alexandria, departed. He was born in the village of Dair Tasa, Asyiut governorate in the year A. His parents were righteous, therefore he was raised on piety and godliness. He drank the love of virtuous life and loved, since his young age, to read the biographies of saints.

He became a monk on the third of Kiahk, A. Because of his fervent worship, intelligence, and intellect, the fathers unanimously agreed to nominate him to be a priest. Pope Kyrillos the fifth, th Patriarch, ordained him a priest in the year A. He remained the head of the monastery for ten years, during which he was an example of, ambition, honesty, purity of conduct, firmness, godliness, and good management. When the Chair of the diocese of El-Biharah became vacant, the people chose Yoannis a metropolitan for that Chair.

He was ordained on the 12th day of Baramhat, A.

Month: February 2015

After the departure of Anba Yoannis, metropolitan of El-Menofaya at that time, the people of the diocese nominated him to care for them. The diocese of El-Menofaya was added to his duties in the year A. Since his official seat was in Alexandria, he established there a theological school to educate the monks.

He sent from its students a mission to Athens for higher theological studies. The revenue of the church properties was inconsiderable. By his good judgement, the revenue increased year after year. Because of the highrise buildings that he built and the renovation of the old ones. He also gave great care for the Coptic schools, elementary and high, until their standard became equivalent to the best schools.

He built and renovated most of the churches in his parish. He also gave special attention to the monasteries in his jurisdiction, which were improved greatly because of his good care and close supervision. Because of his foresight, and prudence, the government chose him as a representative for the Copts in many councils and committees at the general assembly, the committee for formulating the constitution and many others.

He spent forty-two years as a metropolitan, which were full of splendid works. When the blessed Pope Kyrillos the fifth, departed, on the 1st day of Misra, A. August 7th, A. They unanimously agreed to chose him Acting Pope to run the affairs of the church until ordaining a patriarch. As a result of that, the Holy Synod had received many nominations from the parishes approving that choice.

He performed his duties as Acting Patriarch for one year, four months, and ten days. During this period he administered the affairs of the See of St. Mark very well, during which also the Holy Synod, with Anba Yoannis presiding, issued a canon to regulate the affairs of the monasteries and the monks. He organized a committee to oversee the church properties and those of the monasteries and to review their accounts.

From what everyone knew of his purity, virtuous life, good character, asceticism, and piety, they all unanimously agreed to chose him a patriarch with nominations from the bishops, priests and lay leaders. He was enthroned a patriarch on Sunday the 7th day of Kiahk A. December 16th, A. Mark cathedral in Cairo Azbakiah. That took place with a great celebration attended by the representatives of the King, princes, ministers, important Egyptian personalities, the metropolitans of different denominations eastern and western, and ambassadors of foreign countries.

After his ordination, Pope Yoannis directed his attention to caring for the affairs of the Coptic People and the church. He established a higher theological institution for the education of the monks in the city of Helwan. He ordained for the kingdom of Ethiopia, a Coptic Metropolitan and four well-learned Ethiopian bishops. He travelled to Ethiopia to reaffirm the unity between the Coptic and Ethiopian churches.

He stayed there for thirteen days where they received him with great honor and respect. In Addis Ababa, he ordained the head of the Ethiopian monks the successor of St. Takla Haymanot a bishop. The last time the oil was made was one hundred and ten years earlier during the papacy of Pope Peter, th Pope of Alexandria.

His contributions, too numerous to be mentioned completely, include watching over the welfare of the church, kindness to the needy, support for charitable organizations, moral and financial support for the Coptic teaching institutions, and assistance on valuable projects that financially and spiritually benefitted the Copts. During Pope Yoannis' papacy, a war broke out between Ethiopia and Italy, during which most of the Ethiopian bishops died except Anba Abraam and another bishop. When Italy occupied Ethiopia, the Emperor departed from his country.

Anba Kyrillos, the metropolitan of Ethiopia, was exiled to Egypt, for he refused to agree with Italy on separating the Ethiopian church from the Coptic Orthodox church. In November, A. He appointed Anba Abraam, the Ethiopian bishop, a patriarch for Ethiopia. Nevertheless, God punished him for his betrayal. He became blind and died shortly after.

The Alexandrian Holy Synod decided to excommunicate him, not recognizing him nor the bishops that he ordained. Anba Kyrillos returned to his church with great honor, in May A. When Pope Yoannis had realized the return of the Ethiopian church to its mother church, the Coptic Church, he was stricken with the ailments of old age.

He departed in peace on Sunday 14th day of Baounah, A. June 21st, A. May his prayers be with us. Join us on CatholicVote. Be part of a new movement committed to using powerful media projects to create a Culture of Life. We can help shape the movement and have a voice in its future. Check it out at w ww. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the Tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended, and by the infite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The voice of the Father is heard, the Son enters the water, and the Holy Spirit appears in the form of a dove. THE spirit and example of the world imperceptibly instil the error into the minds of many that there is a kind of middle way of going to Heaven; and so, because the world does not live up to the gospel, they bring the gospel down to the level of the world.

It is not by this example that we are to measure the Christian rule, but words and life of Christ. All His followers are commanded to labour to become perfect even as our heavenly Father is perfect, and to bear His image in our hearts that we may be His children. We are obliged by the gospel to die to ourselves by fighting self-love in our hearts, by the mastery of our passions, by taking on the spirit of our Lord.

These are the conditions under which Christ makes His promises and numbers us among His children, as is manifest from His words which the apostles have left us in their inspired writings. Here is no distinction made or foreseen between the apostles or clergy or religious and secular persons.

The former, indeed, take upon themselves certain stricter obligations, as a means of accomplishing these ends more perfectly; but the law of holiness and of disengagement of the heart from the world is general and binds all the followers of Christ. God loves variety. He doesn't mass-produce his saints. Every saint is unique each the result of a new idea. As the liturgy says: Non est inventus similis illis--there are no two exactly alike. It is we with our lack of imagination, who paint the same haloes on all the saints. Dear Lord, grant us a spirit not bound by our own ideas and preferences.

Grant that we may be able to appreciate in others what we lack in ourselves. O Lord, grant that we may understand that every saint must be a unique praise of Your glory. Catholic saints are holy people and human people who lived extraordinary lives. Each saint the Church honors responded to God's invitation to use his or her unique gifts. Dominic and Blessed Alan.

Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces. I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary. The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against hell, it will destroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies. It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the hearts of people from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things.

Oh, that soul would sanctify them by this means. The soul that recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary shall not perish. Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying themselves to the consideration of its Sacred Mysteries shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise them in His justice, they shall not perish by an unprovided death; if they be just, they shall remain in the grace of God, and become worthy of eternal life.

Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the Sacraments of the Church. Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have during their life and at their death the light of God and the plentitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the merits of the Saints in Paradise. I shall deliver from purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.

The faithful children of the Rosary shall merit a high degree of glory in Heaven. You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary. I shall aid all those who propagate the Holy Rosary in their necessities. I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death. All who recite the Rosary are my children, and brothers and sisters of my only Son, Jesus Christ. Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.

The Catholicosate was founded in Sis, capital of Cilicia, in the year following the move of the Catholicosate of All Armenians back to its original See of Etchmiadzin in Armenia. The Catholicosate of Cilicia enjoyed local jurisdiction, though spiritually subject to the authority of Etchmiadzin. In the See was transferred to Aleppo in Syria, and in to Antelias. And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

I know, if I obey you, then I shall die a spiritual death and shall suffer eternally. Maybe from now some of you will be a little more attentive and conscious of her visits, desire them, and even try to be fully present with your whole heart, in an attitude of wonder and infinite gratitude.

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga d. Paul in his Letter to the Romans 1st v. Bibiana daughter of Sts. Ursus; St. Ambrose sent them into France and Germany to convert the pagan tribes where they were martyred 5th v. Cyriacus and Apollinaris African martyrs who are registered in the early martyrologies Benedictines MM 6th v. Corbmac abbot and disciple of St. Columba, who made him the superior of Durrow Monastery.

Agofredus Holy Cross Benedictine monk, brother of St. Leutfridus Benedictine abbot-founder studied at Condat and studied at the monastery school of Sain Taurinus at Evreux, then at Chartres became a hermit St. Samson Maine 9th v. Engelmund of Vebsen educated in England became a Benedictine monk at an early age, then priest, and abbot. Ralph Benedictine bishop known for his learning entrusted into the care of the monks of Solignac, France. SJ RM St. At Syracuse in Sicily, the birthday of the holy martyrs Rufinus and Martia. Lazarus is the poor man at the gate of the rich man in Christ's parable related in Luke.

Luke His name was perpetuated in the Middle Ages by such words as Lazaretto hospital , Lazarone a beggar in the street , and the Order of St. Lazarus, which though a military order, had as one of its objectives, the care of lepers. The coming of Saint Lazarus to Kition is indicated by relative local traditions and, chiefly, by the ancient and magnificent byzantine church which is built over his tomb. This church, is the most important monument of our town and, at the same time, one of the most important pilgrimages in Cyprus. According to this tradition, Lazarus was very grieved because he could no longer see the Mother of our Lord his friend; for this reason he sent a ship to the Holy Land, to bring Her as well as St.

John the apostle and other disciples, to Cyprus. But while the ship with our Lady and Her companions was sailing towards Kition, a great storm in the sea curried them far away, in the Aegean Sea, on the shores of Mt.

Athos, in Greece. From there, our Lady, after converting the idolaters into Christianity and seeking Her Son's blessings and protection for all those who, in the future, were to "fight the good fight of faith" as monks and ascetics on the mountain, She sailed back to Cyprus. Finally, She arrived at Kition where She met Lazarus, to whom She brought, as a present, a bishop's pallium, woven in Her own hands. Lazarus RM 1st century. This is the character of Jesus's parable of the poor man at the rich man's gate Luke In the Middle Ages his name was perpetuated in such words as lazaretto hospital , lazarone a beggar in the streets , and the military Order of Saint Lazarus, founded during the crusades, one of whose objectives was the care of lepers Benedictines, Delaney.

At Pavia, St. She spent three days in prison with St Julian, exhorting him to be strong until the end. Saint Martin is said to have been the seventh bishop of Tongres. He is venerated as the apostle of the Hesbaye district of Brabant Benedictines. Demetria sister of St. Also at Rome, St.

Demetria, virgin, daughter of the holy martyrs Flavian and Dafrosa, and the sister of St. Bibiana, virgin and martyr. She was crowned with martyrdom under Julian the Apostate. After the martyrdom of her parents, Demetria dropped dead when she was arrested with St. According to legend, their father, the ex-prefect, Flavian, was banished and killed. Thereafter, his wife, Saint Dafrosa, was beheaded leaving their young daughters orphans, who were dispossessed, then martyred Benedictines, Delaney.

He first comes before us in , when as bishop of Samosata he attended a synod convened at Antioch to select a successor to Bishop Eudoxus. Partly through his efforts the choice fell upon a former bishop of Sebaste, St Meletius, a man highly esteemed for his piety and gentleness. A great proportion of the electors were Arians, and they fondly believed that if they voted for St Meletius he would-at least tacitly countenance their doctrines. They were promptly undeceived. In the very first discourse which the new bishop of Antioch delivered in the presence of the Emperor Constantius-himself an Arian-he propounded the Catholic doctrine of the Incarnation as set forth in the Nicene Creed.


The infuriated Arians forthwith set about procuring his deposition, and Constantius sent an official to demand from St Eusebius the synodal acts of the election which had been entrusted to his keeping. He replied that he could not surrender them without the authorization of all the signatories. Threatened with the loss of his right hand if he persisted in his refusal, he held out the left one also, saying that he would rather lose them both than be guilty of such a breach of trust. The emperor admired his courage and did not insist. For some time afterwards St Eusebius continued to take part in the councils and conferences of the Arians and semi-Arians in order to uphold the truth and in hope of promoting unity, but he ceased to do so after the Council of Antioch in because he realized that his action shocked some of the orthodox and did no good.

Nine years later, at the urgent request of the elder Gregory of Nazianzus, he went to Cappadocia to exert his influence on behalf of St Basil in the election to the vacant see of Caesarea. So outstanding were his services on that occasion that the younger Gregory, in a letter written about this time, describes him as "the pillar of truth, the light of the world, the instrument of the favours of God towards His people and the support and glory of all the orthodox.

After the outbreak of persecution under Valens, St Eusebius, not satisfied with defending his own flock from heresy, made several expeditions into Syria and Palestine in disguise to strengthen the Catholics in the faith, to ordain priests, and to assist orthodox bishops in filling vacant sees with worthy pastors. His zeal aroused the animosity of the Arian party; and in Valens issued an order condemning him to banishment in Thrace. When the official charged with enforcing this decree presented himself before Eusebius, the bishop warned him not to make his errand public lest the people should rise up and kill him: the holy man wished no man to lose his life on his behalf.

Accordingly, after saying the night office as usual, he quietly left his house when all were at rest and with one servant made his way to the Euphrates and there boarded a vessel. In the morning, when his departure became known, search was made and he was overtaken by some of his flock, who implored him not to abandon them. Though deeply moved he explained that he must needs obey the emperor's orders, but he exhorted them to trust in God. They proved staunchly loyal, and during his exile they refused to have any dealings whatever with the two prelates the Arians thrust into his place.

When the death of Valens in put an end to the persecution, St Eusebius was restored to his seat and to his flock. His zeal had been in no degree impaired by his sufferings. Through his efforts Catholic unity was restored throughout his own diocese, and neighbouring sees were filled by orthodox prelates. He was visiting Dolikha to instal a Catholic bishop there when he was struck on the head by a tile thrown on him from a roof by an Arian woman. The wound proved fatal, and he died several days later, after extracting from his friends a promise that they would not seek out or punish his assailant.

Bishop Eusebius of Samosata Sempsat , capital of Comagene, Syria, was a staunch defender of orthodoxy, though most of the other bishops under the metropolitan of Hieropolis were Arians. He was active at the synod of Antioch, in , in helping to elect Meletius patriarch of Antioch. Most of those voting were Arians and expected Meletius to favor Arianism, but Eusebius was well assured of his zeal for the orthodox faith. Although Eusebius was known to be an irreconcilable enemy to their heresy, they entrusted to him the synodal act of the election.

When Meletius's vigorous preaching of the 20th canon of the Nicene Council in his first sermon to his people made it obvious that he was orthodox, Emperor Constantius, an Arian, demanded that Eusebius surrender to him the election acts of the synod that were in his custody. When Eusebius refused saying that it would require the consent of all parties, the emperor threatened to cut off his right hand.

Eusebius still refused. The saint stretched out not only his right hand, but also his left, saying he might cut them both off, but he would still not consent to such an unjust action. This so impressed Constantius with his courage that he released him. At Mainz, St. Alban, martyr, who was made worthy of the crown of life, after long labors and severe combats. He is said to have been a Greek, or Albanian, priest, who travelled with St Ursus from the island of Naxos to Milan, in the days when St Ambrose was in the throes of his struggle with the Arians.

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There seems to be no basis for a tradition which represents Ursus and Alban as the companions of SS. Theomnestus, Thabra and Thabrata, local martyrs of Altino, near Venice. The great archbishop received the two strangers with his usual courtesy, and after satisfying himself of their orthodoxy encouraged them to proceed as champions of the faith to the Christian lands beyond the Alps-to Gaul or to Germany.

They accordingly set forth, but St Ursus was killed in the Val d' Aosta. Alban then made his way to Mainz. He took up his residence there, and ably seconded Bishop St Aureus in his fight against heresy. Eventually he was attacked and beheaded in the village of Hunum, either by some of his Arian opponents, or more probably by the Vandals in one of their raids. The date of his death cannot be determined, but it was certainly before the year , when Mainz was destroyed by the barbarians. Catholics regarded him as a martyr for the faith, and churches were soon put under his dedication.

We are told that a ninth-century metrical inscription round an ancient painting of the saint at Mainz stated that he had come "from distant shores" to Mainz in the reign of the Emperor Honorius, during the episcopate of St Aureus, that he had battled courageously against heretics, and that he had been beheaded by them. The inscription went on to say that, after his execution, he had miraculously carried his head in both hands to his resting-place.

With regard to this last assertion, it may be pointed out that decapitated martyrs are sometimes conventionally represented in art as holding their heads in their hands. The inscription is interesting, as reflecting the tradition current in Mainz some four hundred years after the saint's death. When Mainz was rebuilt in the latter part of the fifth century the relics of St Alban were removed from outside the old city walls to a hill which had previously borne the names of Mons Martis and Mons Martyrum, but which was afterwards called Albansberg.

There a Benedictine abbey was erected towards the end of the eighth century which became very famous. Whether we can suppose there to be any historical foundation for this improbable story must remain very doubtful. See also the Mainzer Zeitschrift, , pp. Also called Albinus in some lists. He is traditionally known as a Greek or Albanian priest who went with St.

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Ursus to the city of Milan in Italy. They had left the island of Naxos in Greece to escape the Arians in control of the Church in that area. Ambrose welcomed Alban and Ursus, sending them into France and Germany to convert the pagan tribes there. Ursus was killed on the way, but Alban settled in Mainz. There he became famous as a preacher, attacking the false doctrines of the Arians.

He is believed to have been slain by the Vandals, who attacked the region.