Black Devils March - A Doomed Odyssey: The 1st Polish Armoured Division 1939-1945

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Running for five seasons from until , "In Living Color" intermittently employed most of the Wayans family and a host of talented comedians, including some standout future stars like the aforementioned Carrey, along with Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, and Jennifer Lopez.

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While sometimes referred to as a "Black SNL," this mostly black sketch show was more than just counterprogramming to white comedy shows. Along with their own brand of transphobia, homophobic stereotypes pepper sketches like "Men on Film.

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Having a thorough archive of what is not OK, what we once found funny as a people, and the behaviors and instincts that we have to unlearn is a valuable thing — especially in the year of reckoning that is But "In Living Color" offers more than that, and when it hits, it really hits. The cast is talented and the writing is exceptional. But beyond those essential elements for success, so much of "In Living Color" still works simply because America is nearly as racist, sexist, classist, and problematic in as it was when its first season aired in It's still funny because it's still true.

Jim Carrey on ‘In Living Color’: We were warped out of our minds

Sure, that's a bitter truth to swallow, but at least with these weirdly relevant clips we can belly laugh to keep from crying. Is it coincidence that "Joe Clark" is the name of the abusive principal who comes to "fix" the problematic youths of this inner city beauty school? But after getting hip to "The 13th," "The New Jim Crow," and countless other examinations of mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline, this recurring series of sketches and its taglines including "keep your butt in school" takes on a slightly darker humor. This quick bite about the black man who "invented" self-serve gas stations is funnier than ever during a week when Oregonians are really struggling.

Nicki Minaj would probably appreciate the sentiment.

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  7. I have seen unprepared white male allies cry while watching this sketch, starring T'keyah Crystal Keymah as a young black girl with a wish and a dream. Grier added that sometimes the back-and-forth was actually creatively fulfilling—and led to something better than initially imagined.

    Jim Carrey wants to reboot In Living Color

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    Five of the main players discussed their pioneering sketch-comedy show.

    By Nicole Sperling. By Yohana Desta. Austin Collins.

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