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Online discount codes are incredibly easy to find. Depending on your location, sites like RetailMeNot and Daily Mail will surface with dozens of options to save your money. When I worked this strategy into my online shopping routine, it paid serious dividends. A little creativity goes a long way when reducing expenses. If you love going to the movies with your friends or trying new restaurants with your partner, try your hand at re-creating these experiences at home. Websites like DoStuff and Meetup are great for finding new, free events ranging from ticket-free concerts to board game competitions.

Once you start adding services and expensive products into your life, the costs become normalized. Cutting back how many haircuts, manicures, facials, etc. You can also reduce how much you spend on individual services and products. Look online for beauty schools in your area for a low-cost manicure or hair styling appointment. Swap your pricey skin and hair products for cheaper but equally effective options. This tip goes hand in hand with the latter one. Once you decide on a monthly savings number to grow your vacation fund, set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your travel fund.

For even more automatic savings, see if you bank offers a round up program. There are also popular round up apps like Digit, which saves your change in an online savings account, and Acorns, which invests your change into low-risk funds. Both apps charge monthly fees that will eat into your savings. How would your life change? Would you trade in your car for a new lease? Start shopping at Whole Foods? Go out for brunch every Sunday? Put it towards your retirement and savings goals?

Your future self will thank you. Closely monitoring your income and expenses is a surefire way to save more for travel. I never leave a store or restaurant without creating an expense record. Otherwise, I have to spend hours reconciling my accounts with the app, which is enough to put anyone off of budgeting! This strategy made more of an impact on my vacation fund than anything else. And it was as simple as finding a quality rewards card and using it in lieu of my debit card whenever possible.

Now, there are two major caveats to this strategy. Also, look for a card where the fees if any balance out what you stand to earn. Rather than keep your emergency fund, vacation fund, and extra savings separate, pool the money together into a high-yield savings account.

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During our quest to downsize before moving abroad , I made a tidy little profit from selling some vintage Game Boy games on eBay. Do you have a collection of baseball cards, comic books, or figurines sitting in a storage bin? For any non-collectible items, Craigslist Gumtree in the UK and Facebook Marketplace work well for turning unwanted stuff into fuel for your vacation fund.

Spend an afternoon walking through your closets, opening storage bins, and evaluating everything in your residence with a keen eye. Take photos of each item use a neutral backdrop and good lighting , write up a short description, and start selling. Craigslist is rife with scammers, so I recommend you read this guide before you put up your first listing. Freelancers and small businesses are realizing how much time they could save by outsourcing tasks to capable people around the world. Though you could try using a site like UpWork or Elance to find work, these spaces are highly competitive.


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Fascinating post about how to travel cheap and the tips that you need to do it. There is a web page where you can find tips on how to travel cheap every time. Yeah, the vagabond way to travel is respectful, as you have a total immersion with people and the country but you need to have balls for this, it is like total unknown path ahah!! A bit presumptive, no? Whilst this was a good and informative post about how to pragmatically align income and expenses, the actual details are approaching my idea of hell. I love to travel and I wish I had read this post last month before I booked the flights and hotel for my upcoming trip.

It never ceases to amaze me how much money people waste on hotel breakfasts! Just ask some locals where you can find a good bakery and enjoy a fresh croissant or similar for next to nothing. Wow, really cool. My goal is to retire at 50 and then travel full time.

Thanks for the post. Traveling can be pretty stressful. On the other hand, long-term travel is not the same as a 1-week jam-packed vacation.

If I could develop some alternative streams of income or find a way to do consulting remotely, I might go for it. Otherwise, I would rather find ways to enjoy where I am. This is a fascinating post. I love to travel and can go in the cheap. My spouse on the other hand prefers to go a little less frugally.

We usually can get our souveniers for a fraction of the price! Good luck with your book! Wow, what a great post! This has definitely changed my perspective on traveling! Good post, but as we the truth it is not about money… It is about how much someone really wish to travel and to leave behind the life, he — she is used too…..

Money wise… personaly I traveled for more then 30 months, over 30 countries visited, by bike human power: …. Less then But now to be back home it is a journey itself…. RE: 7 Souvenirs. One thing to do is collect the same thing in every place. Like patches, or stickers, or rocks or whatever… Its fun to build a collection this way. Have you met anyone looking to do this with a child in tow. I want to expose my daughter to the many wonders of the world, slowly as you say. I just wonder what can be done on a small budget with a 7 year old extra.

You cant, if you want to travel the world and live a care free autonomous life. What a negative comment. It is totally possible to travel abroad with a child and btw there is plenty of homeschooling options online these days. Get over-yourself and realize that not everyone is as self-centered as you seem to be. Good luck to you Jenn, I hope you find the answers you are looking for and never give up on your dream! There are many people who home school their children while traveling. Children can adjust to almost anything as long as the parent is at peace. If you are stressed the kids will pick up on that.

If you are having an adventure and enjoying yourself, the kids will also. With little ones you may want to sew a plastic ID card on the back of their clothes with your contact information but other than that go for it. This article has removed another obstacle that has prevented people from traveling; time. Searching for these ideas let alone coming up with them is incredibly difficult, but your experiences sound amazing. Thanks for the tips!! How many full time travelers have deep emotional connections with anyone?

How many suffer from loneliness? Is deep enough to be in relationship? I never felt lonly on remote parts of Pamir, Tibet, deserts of Kazahstan or Iran…. Because it was months of no chance of speaking English… To speak my home language I have to dream on day and night almost till the day I came home if I do not include talks with family, friends via net….

I wish we were 30 years old again and could do as you are doing. Am very interested in exploring the possibilities for a retired couple to do a modified version while living on Social Security income and unable to do much physical labor. My bigger questions are what happens when you finally stop traveling? To settle into a permanent place to live, with everything necessary for that, is going to be costly when the time comes.

Are you saving for that day, or put aside funds when you began traveling? How will being out of the industry you worked in for x amount of years look when trying to find a regular job again?

Getting the best bang for your buck The ultimate guide for the traveling John

Maybe you imagine being able to do this for the next 60 years, but there are way too many variables to count on that. What about healthcare on the road, how does that effect your expenses? If you break an ankle and are suddenly incapable of doing the volunteer work that is paying for your room and board, what happens then? Sure, not all volunteer work is physical, but that is just an example, you could become ill instead.

These are the questions that hold me back from such ideas more than the cost of doing them. Absolutely brilliant post. I have very similar views on and desires for travel. On a non-snarky note, I agree with thunder about the healthcare issues? Clearly you have to earn money somehow — and technically even doing remote work via the internet might be illegal if the country you are in has strict work laws USA for example.

Finally, I agree that long term travel might badly effect your employment chances when it comes down to settle down. I think its great that shes doing what she wants on her terms, childfree and free of the dreaded cubicle. Nowhere in your entire comment did you actually make a logical argument… Is English your native language? Great information and recommendations. I will pass it along. Thank you for this. I plan to travel for one full year before I am I will have to save for quite a few years. We have been traveling the world as a family on an open ended global jaunt since and loving every moment.

We live really large on 25K total costs for a family of 3 and could do it on less if we did not prefer so much luxury. It has been the best possible education for our child as a global citizen of the 21st century and tremendously rewarding bonding as a family for all of us. Not only does she experience more of the world than most by immersing deeply, she also spends more time with BOTH parents, than most children or fathers get.

We have been to 4 continents, 29 countries so far and traveled over 76, miles most slowly overland using every type of transportation from cargo ships to camels. It is very doable for an ordinary family as today one can work and school any where. It is a growing trend and quite amazing on how much the trend has grown in this last year.

I want them to know that it can be done and is more than worth doing! Check out our soultravelers2 website, Youtube videos, or soultravelers3 on Twitter etc for more information about extended world travel as a family and with kids.

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If you combine books with your travels, you will be amazed how much even a young child will get out of the experience when it is slow travel that they can study before, during and after. It has often been a highlight for us. My daughter was just 6 when she did a violin concert for 60 kids in the Sahara! Not only is the deep immersion valuable, but innovations in education add to the value as education is one of those things that is in a major paradigm shift right now.

Through travel 2. You will not find a better education than life as a field trip! My child has seen many more ancient civilization ruins than most will ever see. I definitely, definitely agree with point travel slowly. So far my little experiment is proving to be a lot of fun. Instead I have to find real jobs in other countries. The benefit there is lots and lots of excellent food. Not sure why the emphasis on free came through in the end there…. Anyway, wonder how much you could have saved by biking about instead of flying. Maybe one trip that could last a few weeks where I could go from place to place.

This article kind of assumes we all want to be nomadic travellers roaming the world at random.

The ultimate guide to Portland's 50 best inexpensive restaurants -

Who cares how many zeros your bank account has if your life was spent in a cubicle. Thank you so much for all the tips. I would love to do more of the things I want to do and spend less time working. It is inspiring to see someone fulfilling a dream instead of just working towards someday maybe doing something worthwhile. It has so many fantastic ideas and links to valuable resources that I had to mention it […]. Great tips thanks Nora. Not buying souvenirs is a real gem — so tempting but so easy to simply cut out all together…. Did I really just read an article saying that you can save money by not buying souvenirs?

Yeah, you can also live longer by NOT jumping off bridges. Hey, can I be a blogger? Oh yeah, one more thing. I doubt an ordinary looking 30 something guy like me could hook up all these free opportunities and jobs in other countries. All they want from me when I go anywhere is my wallet. For those of you who have traveled on the cheap, what are some of your favorite places to go?

Particularly those that are reasonably safe for women. Great list! I use Skyscanner. I used it to get from Athens to Casablanca, via Madrid, so I bought 2 tickets, but it was still cheaper than any other carriers and I got to check out Madrid! This is an extensive list. I think that is the best way to be productive and profitable while seeing the world. If you can skip 1 night at a hotel by sleeping on the train, you basically got the train ride for free.

Southeast Asia is really fun, cheap and generally safe for women. I saw a surprising amount of women traveling alone while I was in Thailand and Laos. Just meet some other girls who are also traveling alone, and they will probably be happy to room with you. You can also stay in dorm-style guesthouses where there are only women.

You can hike up mountains and view the Himalayas. It is as easy as she makes it sound. Sometime non-travel blogsites even get into the travel writing realm hey, get back into your own topic , as this one money blogger guy had Nora provide a list of ways to save money while traveling.

As full time travelers, my partner and I are constantly being asked how we afford to do it. But even so, we utilize a lot of these suggestions in our travels — traveling slower reduces our fuel consumption.

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But for those looking for ways to make travel a long term sustainable lifestyle — these are spot on! This post had shades of The 4-Hour Workweek, and I loved it! Not necessarily because I am able to implement any of these ideas with a wife and two small kids, but because it really gets you thinking outside the box. I just objected to the blithe and incorrect generalisation that this sort of lifestyle is a universal ambition. Dunn, a freelance writer, seems to break down all of my stress […].

For some added ideas, most hostels offer work for accommodation, especially in busy areas that get lots of backpackers. I envisioned myself traveling while reading your article. I want to travel. I just have to do it. Thank you for the links and the information. Wow…this is invaluable! Thanks for posting… This is helping me figure out the nuts and bolts of long term frugal travel. Very inspiring and touching…especially your part about the cyclone fundraising.

And thanks to the guy who mentioned Evernote. I going to married next month.. Your Article is a mine of tips. That makes me consider traveling under other interesting angles. Thanks for that. Awesome article. This is exactly the way i think.

31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

As Josten said, It is inspiring to travel the Earth. Alot of people seem to think traveling is nothing more than busy airports, tedious planning and scheduling. Really it isnt that hard, and shouldnt be thought of as Traveling the World, with different countries and governments. Put that aside, and think that we are on Earth, and can easily experience Earth as a single place, by exploration of every culture and lifestyle.

I was travelling by myself but it never got lonely as I always had Zsa Zsa, Beryl or Chrystal to go and strike up a conversation with at the Front Desk, no matter how busy they were they were always genuinely interested in my needs and conversation. I had an action packed week. This was the week that Nikki was having its one year anniversary. Visited the local Irish pub quite a bit, always something going on there. There are loads of resources on the internet about it. Within that I used local plane, train, bus and donkey to visit 18 countries within the year. It helped break the monotony and a comfy bed does you wonders!!

The worse I did was to sleep on a piece of wood in a drug den in Cambodia. Hit me up if you want any more info about my trip or travelling in general. This is an incredible post! It has nothing to do with internet marketing or business. But I thought the ideas and resources in this very thorough post were fantastic.

This is […]. Great post! I constantly have friends and family ask how I pull off traveling so much. Explaining it is nearly impossible. How do birds fly?