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Hod replied that he was blind. Loki gave Hod a twig of mistletoe and told him to play. Guiding Hod's aim, the blind god threw the mistletoe at his brother. The twig flew like a dart and struck him. Balder instantly fell dead to the ground. Balder's spirit fled to Hel Niflheim. Frigg and the other gods watched horrified that the insignificant mistletoe could kill the most favourite god. Vali , the son of Odin and Rind , killed his half-brother, Hod, in revenge for Balder's death. Frigg was grief stricken and pleaded with her husband to bring her son back. Odin told the other Aesir that one of them must go to Hel Niflheim and ransomed for Balder from Hel , the goddess of the deads.

Hel would allowed Balder to return to Asgard if every creature would weep for Balder, but would keep dead god in Hel if a single creature refused to shed a single tear for Balder. Upon this news, Frigg went throughout the world asking for every creature to weep for Balder.

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Loki changed himself into a giantess Thokk or Thanks. Despite Frigg plead to shed a single tear for her son, Thokk or Thanks Loki refused. Hel kept Balder in her domain. At the Balder's funeral, Nanna collapsed in her grief and died at his pyre, joining her husband in Hel. Balder was to receive a boat burial. But Hringhorni was the largest ship in the world, and no one could launch it into the sea.

So they called upon the giantess Hyrrokkin from Jotunheim to help them. She arrived on a wolf, with vipers as her rein. She only need to touch the ship, for it to roll into the water, but it set fire to the rollers. When the Aesir found out that Loki was responsible for Balder's death, Loki fled. Loki changed himself into a salmon and hid Frananger waterfall. The Aesir failed to catch Loki salmon using a net.

Loki tried to escape to the sea. As he leap over the net, Thor caught the salmon by its tail. They took Loki to a cave.

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They transformed one of Loki's son, named Vali, into a wolf. Vali killed his brother Narfi. The gods used Narfi's guts to bind Loki to three large rocks. The giantess Skadi placed a poisonous snake above Loki's head. Whenever the venom dropped on Loki's head or body, he would suffer from great agony and convulsion.

Sigyn, Loki's faithful wife, remained at his side, catching the venom in a large basin. However when the basin was full, Sigyn had to empty the basin. The venom would drip on Loki, causing Loki to suffer from violent spasms. His spasms also caused the earth to tremble and shake. According to Saxo Grammaticus in Gesta Danorum , there was a totally different account about Balder's death. Hother was the son of Hodbrodd and foster son of Gewar. Nanna was the daughter of Gewar.

Balder fell in love with Nanna, when he saw her bathing. Since Balder was invulnerable to ordinary weapons, Hother gained a sword and bracelet belong to Miming the Satyr. When Balder sue for Nanna's hand in marriage, she refused, because he was immortal, while she was mortal. Such unequal partners are incompatiable match. A war broke out between gods and men; a naval battle took place, where the gods were defeated and fled, after Hother's sword cut Thor's club.

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Hother also gained the kingdoms of Denmark and Sweden. Despite being defeated, Balder managed to spirit Nanna away from Gewar, marrying her in Sweden. This was followed by Hother's two defeats, which distressed him greatly that he abandoned his kingdoms, and live a life in self-exile. As he wandered through the land, he came upon a cave with maidens.

These maidens comforted him, advising him that he should steal some food that give Balder his strength. After another battle with his enemy, Hother went to spy on his enemy. He not only gained Balder's magic food, but the belt that give victory. Before Hother left, he seriously wounded Balder with his sword. Balder died three days later. Balder was buried in a barrow. See Rind for how Boe Vali was conceived through deception.

Death of Balder C. Sigyn and Loki M. Winge Oil on canvas, This was known as fimbul-winter "mighty winter", snowing from all directions. Throughout the world, great battles would be fought; all taboos would be broken, brothers killing one another, and sons would murder their fathers too, mostly out of greed. No kinship would be sacred; adultery and incest would increase exponentially.

This period would be known as the age of axes, age of swords, age of wolves and age of winds. Stars will fall out of the heaven. The giant worm or dragon Nidhogg that have been gnawing at one of roots of Yggdrasill Niflheim. Nidhogg would have succeeded in eating away the root that supported Niflheim. Loki , who was confined in a cavern and punished for his involvement with Balder's death, will escape from his imprisonment, and lead the giants, and his monstrous offspring, to destroy the gods and mankind.

Vigrid would be the field of the final battle. Vigrid is an immense plain, a hundred league in every direction. It would be the sound of doom.

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The gods will arm themselves for the war, even though they knew that they couldn't win. All the slain heroes Einherjar who lived in Valhalla will accompany them. These heroes will now assist the gods in a hopeless war. The battlefield will be fought upon the plain of Vigrid. Freyr , without his magical sword and totally unarmed would be the first god to fall to the fire-giant Surt's flaming sword. The one-handed Tyr managed to kill the hellhound Garm , but Tyr was so severely wounded that he died shortly after the hound.

The contest between Loki and Heimdall was evenly matched that both die from the other's weapon. The thunder-god Thor smashed Midgard Serpent to death with his mighty Mjollnir, but the conflict will exact a heavy toll on the god.

Odin fought with his mighty spear Gungnir against the monstrous wolf Fenrir. Eventually, Odin fell, devoured by Fenrir. Silent Vidar , seeing his father fall to the giant wolf, bound upon Fenrir and tore the wolf's jaws apart with his bare hands. Surt then set the world ablaze with his flaming sword. None of the nine worlds escaped from the fire.

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The earth tried to sink into the sea to avoid the scorching heat. Gods and men, giants and dwarves will all perished in the fire. Fire that reach high as the heaven. The sun will darken and the stars will vanish from heaven. Ragnarok: The doom of the gods 19th century illustration Sorry, information unavailable. Well, not all life ceases to exist. Okay, I was wrong about all the gods dying in the final battle. Give me a break will you. The earth would be green and fertile. A new sun would rise and travel across the sky; the chariot would be driven by the daughter of Sol or Alfrodul "Sun".

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Luke Curran and his four school friends stumble on just such a place when they decide to spend the night in the basement of a derelict old house. The shared dream they experience whenever they sleep there takes them through the Asgard portal and into the world of the Norse myths, where they can enter the bodies and minds of gods and super beings.

Trouble is that by meddling with events through the dream, they unleash evil forces both inside and outside the dream Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews.

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