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The Freedom Guide for Music Creators

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Music Business: Recommended Extra Resources (from The Freedom Guide for Music Creators)

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Revisiting Minecraft has sparked a new love for this soundtrack making it one of my favorites if not, my favorite video game soundtrack. Atlas by FM Helps to get work done! All The Best Remixes by Nikitch. Explore music. Freedom II by Rameses B. Favorite track: Freedom 2 Album Mix. Cole Inspiring, motivating lyrics. Favorite track: Pegasus. Worst Professor NA. Guru Cube. Plissken Snake. Roll Burst Egg. Luna Moonfang. Shane Kouba. Steve Smith. Wei Jazz.

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Jerry Hewett. Luke Oliver. This turns out to be good news for record labels, as streaming offers them a higher return on their dollar than previous formats. But one look at the breakdown of musician income streams above reveals how much work is left to be done. Even the top income source listed, live performance, is a deflating number.

How can an industry be expected to boom if those creating its product aren't earning a livable wage?

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These projected numbers might create optimism for labels and the industry at large, but should also underscore the urgency to support music creators with fair compensation for their work, wherever the money is coming from. And it's worth mentioning one very conspicuous place the money isn't coming from: radio. In fact, radio does not even register as a revenue bucket as they still don't pay artist royalties for the recordings they broadcast.

As we'll see below, these unpaid royalties would go a long way toward fair compensation to music makers for their work and allowing them to make a livable wage. The Recording Academy continues to lead the charge to change this antiquated and unfair omission of due revenue via its ongoing Advocacy efforts in Washington. Like a dinosaur, broadcast radio stubbornly refuses to evolve and properly compensate music creators.

The numbers don't lie. Despite the explosive growth of streaming, the system in place doesn't even come close to providing a sustainable living for artists to create music, record and tour. How can an industry celebrate a return-to-form financially without acknowledging and compensating the music creators who fuel it?

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For music fans, the ultimate experience is seeing their favorite artists live in concert, and many will stop at nothing to get their hands on tickets. Unfortunately, this haste and fervor often overshadows questionable ticket fees at the online box office, and, worse still, enables unscrupulous secondary sales practices by ticket scalpers and re-sellers. But fortunately, change is in the works. The Federal Trade Commission FTC recently held a full-day workshop on event tickets to address the challenges fans face in the live concert ticket marketplace.

While it's definitely good news to hear these issues being discussed more openly by all parties, and while it's clear that the process of outlining a comprehensive plan to fix them is not a simple one, there are two pieces of legislation hoping to do move us closer to a safer system for everyone. Did you miss the Online Event Tickets Workshop yesterday? The law speaks directly to the artist-fan relationship the live music industry strives to cultivate nurture.

BOTSAct pic. The BOTS Act enables artists to control how they sell tickets to their shows, a crucial factor in maintaining the connection Friedman describes, giving the FTC the legislative firepower it needs to keep the marketplace safe from ticket "bots. In addition, last week a group of lawmakers reintroduced the Better Oversight of Secondary Sales and Accountability in Concert Ticketing BOSS Act to increase transparency of the primary and secondary concert ticket marketplace and provide new consumer protections. However, any new effort to bring fairness to the ticket marketplace must be careful not to limit the freedom of artists to offer tickets in the way that best serves and protects their fans.

Bill Pascrell D-N.

7 Ways To Support Music Creators On The 4th Of July

While these realities are harsh for concertgoers, the FTC workshop and reintroduction of the BOSS Act mark two encouraging signs there is renewed interest in solving ticketing issues in Washington. As lawmakers weigh the many factors at play in fixing a broken live events ticket marketplace, it is important to remember and protect what makes live music events work: the artist's connection with the fan.

Artists enjoy the right to control how they sell their tickets and fans deserve transparency and protection when spending their hard-earned money to support the artists they love, so the special relationship between artists and fans stays strong. Facebook Twitter Email.

The Freedom Guide for Music Creators by Deeann D. Mathews, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

As America celebrates her independence, here are a few simple ways you can improve the livelihoods of those who soundtrack our lives. Nate Hertweck. Attend a live show Whether you head out to a big-ticket concert event or support a local venue, attending artists' live shows is a great way to support their art. Listen to music via a paid streaming service As streaming continues to replace physical music sales, listening online is a great way to show love for the music creators you love.

Buy merchandise By ordering T-shirts, vinyl, artwork and more, you put dollars directly in the pockets of your favorite music creators and have something to show your support. Make a playlist Speaking of playlists, many streaming platforms like Spotify use user-created playlists when sourcing data to build their own playlists. Be an advocate for music Education is power!