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Hab ich doch das Wort vergessen! Ach, das Wort, worauf am Ende Er das wird, was er gewesen. Welche Miene! Soll das ganze Haus ersaufen? Stock, der du gewesen, Steh doch wieder still! Will dich fassen, will dich halten Und das alte Holz behende Mit dem scharfen Beile spalten. Seht, da kommt er schleppend wieder!

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Seht, er ist entzweit! Und nun kann ich hoffen, Und ich atme frei. Helft mir, ach! Und sie laufen! Herr und Meister! Ach, da kommt der Meister! Die ich rief, die Geister, Werd ich nun nicht los. Now his spirits, for a change, my own wishes shall obey! Having memorized what to say and do, with my powers of will I can do some witching, too!

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Go, I say, Go on your way, do not tarry, water carry, let it flow abundantly, and prepare a bath for me! Come on now, old broom, get dressed, these old rags will do just fine! May you have two legs, and a head on top, take the bucket, quick hurry, do not stop! The tub already is almost filled up! Stand still! Heed my will! Oh, the word to change him back into what he was before!

Oh, he runs, and keeps on going! He keeps bringing water quickly as can be, and a hundred rivers he pours down on me!

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No, no longer aan I let him, I must get him with some trick! What a look! O, you ugly child of Hades! The entire house will drown! Nisbet, L Stahl, Stopp, — Zur Mythologie von Goethe's Wahlverwandtschaften ", Deutsche Viedrteljahrsschrift fur Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte , 56, 1— Goethe's Elective Affinities and the Critics.

Camden House. Deutsches Filminstitut. Retrieved Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Dichtung und Wahrheit Italian Journey. Metamorphosis of Plants Theory of Colours colour wheel.

Goethe’s Most Famous Poem – Wanderers Nachtlied

Elective Affinities by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Arcadia The Nemesis of Faith.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The title page of the first edition. From the time of its publication to today, Goethe's novel, Die Wahlverwandtschaften Elective Affinities , , has aroused a storm of interpretive confusion. Readers fiercely debate the role of the chemical theory of elective affinities presented in the novel. Some argue that it suggests a philosophy of nature that is rooted in fate.

Others maintain that it is about free choice. The LiederNet Archive.

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Eyes, my eyes, why are you cast down? Golden dreams, do you come again? Away, you dream, however golden; Here too is love and life. On the waves twinkle A thousand hovering stars, Soft mists swallow up The surrounding towering distances; Morning wind wings around The shadowed bay, And the lake mirrors The ripening fruit. Text added to the website between May and September Last modified: Line count: 20 Word count: