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Luckily, they have been captured and are under lock-down in the Rock of Eternity. Long ago, the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man roamed throughout the world, sowing their negative vices upon humanity. Their reign of evil ended, though, when a wizard by the name of Mamaragan apprehended the demons and encased them in seven colored statues. Despite being trapped, the spirits still presented a threat, and so the Wizard took them to the Rock of Eternity for safekeeping. However, the Seven Deadly Enemies were certainly not kept safe there Mind freed the spirits from there stony prisons and released them upon Jump City.

The Teen Titans proved useless in stopping them, having been immediately possessed by the demons. Sin is the attitude and resultant action that separates us from God and each other; it is the epitome of selfishness and a state into which we all regularly fall. The expectation is that we will sin; that we will turn from God and one another.

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Perhaps they broke the trust of parents by knowingly disobeying family rules. Perhaps they broke the confidence of a friend, sharing a secret that had turned into school-wide gossip. I ask them to shut their eyes and recall how they physically felt waiting for their parents to discover their crime or waiting for the inevitable confrontation in the school cafeteria.

How did they feel, knowing the anger and the disappointment that would occur?

Did their stomach clench, their palms sweat, their face flush? Did they feel as if they might never be loved again?

Now, as a class, we begin to understand. The Seven not necessarily Deadly Sins and Sponge Bob How do we help kids differentiate between breaking the rules and breaking trust?

Boys Growing Up to be Boys: Mandatory Minimums and Teens in Adult Prisons

We start by trying to list them all. For the record, they are:.

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Are all of these are entirely bad qualities? After all, God calls us to rest on the Sabbath. The sacrament of the Eucharist is a holy meal — so how can pleasure in food be problematic?

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Gradually, teens begin to see that these traits become sinful in excess. They are sins when they are part of a consumption pattern that places self-satisfaction above others and above God. Intentional or not, the seven main characters are each afflicted with or represent a corresponding sin. We are sinners. What next?

In a world that constantly chastises for minor infractions, some teens find it impossible to believe they might ever be loved and forgiven for the truly hurtful things they have done.

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They need to move out of Lent and into Easter. How do we get to an Easter resurrection of the soul? No sin is too great that it can keep us from God; we are always invited to return to a loving God who awaits us. I acknowledge that the teens in my class might be hesitant to approach an adult — even a priest — with their sins.

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We talk about ways we can forgive ourselves. Repenting is about breaking down that wall. Some concrete actions we take to help shed the burden of our sins include:. The kids write down their sin in a few words on a TINY piece of paper and fold it. They do NOT share what they have written. We collectively say the general confession or one of the prayers from the sacrament of Reconciliation. Then, they burn the sins in our class candle.