Black Devils March - A Doomed Odyssey: The 1st Polish Armoured Division 1939-1945

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Ivan's Fingers by Igor Zap | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Ivan's Fingers By Igor Zap. On a drunken whim, Wallace Peech, a neurotic, ex-bank clerk, sets himself up as a private eye. When he realises that his first client, the volatile Rita, is married to Ivan Cherkassky, a Russian gangster, things can only get worse. And they do. The drug is supplied by Ivan.

When Wallace discovers that both MI5 and MI6 are fighting for control of the case, it's too late to avoid catastrophe. A bloodthirsty tale of greed and corruption and the fickle finger of fate. How can I use this format? Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in.


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  • Ivan Moody (vocalist);
  • Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody: 'Rob Halford Is One Of My Sober Coaches' -
  • FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Frontman Ivan Moody Addresses His Sobriety, Quitting On Stage Last Year.

He knew he should never have told her he was a private investigator, but then he was drunk. Well, who wouldn't be after being given the boot without a bonus? He met Rita Cherkassky by chance. On the day she approached him, he'd just been given the big heave-ho.

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Fifty-one and thrown on the dung heap. A bachelor with no qualifications, no ambition and a CV that dazzled with white space and mediocrity. Wallace was certainly no hedge fund manager. Until recently, he used to be a nine-to-five counter clerk with a final disciplinary warning for sexual harassment on his personal file. A totally put up job as far as he was concerned, but he couldn't be arsed to fight his corner.

His immediate supervisor and the HR manager were both women, so what was the point? Over the years, he'd learnt to take things philosophically. You could only play the hand you've got, was his philosophy. I'm a little better being off by myself, educating myself doing whatever research I need to to stay strong, but reaching out to people that I respect in my industry, like Jamey Jasta and Rob Halford , and getting that side of it, because that, to me, means more than sitting in room full of people drinking coffee and reeking of cigarettes, telling me how they're not gonna make it through another night.

That scares me. Despite his negative experiences, Ivan didn't discount the benefits of joining a recovery support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous , which teach you about the 12 steps of AA and how to prevent relapse. And those meetings changed my life, because those meetings showed me… You will get something out of a meeting, but choose your battles, is all that I'm saying. -

They helped thousands — hundreds of thousands of people… It's positive. So I'm not trying to backpedal, but, again, it just wasn't for me. He also admitted that he went to rehab five times before the last time finally stuck. The follow-up to 's "Got Your Six" was originally delivered to Prospect Park in December , but a legal battle with the record company delayed the LP's arrival.

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Ivan's NASTY loose tooth! Disgusting! Do not watch!

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