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Eventually she recognized that she needed to let go of the thought that her son had to go on a mission in order for her to be happy. Many parents find solace and maintain perspective in prayer, scripture study, and temple attendance. One parent shared that her experience with prayer taught her to remember how precious her child is to Heavenly Father, which helped lift her pain.

Prayer brings helpful insights into what to do and say. It also helps us find consolation. Scriptures tell stories of people who have made poor choices and how family members have coped. The story of Alma the Younger reassures us that the righteous prayers of parents are heard see Mosiah The parable of the prodigal son teaches us the joy we feel when someone who was lost returns Luke — Temple attendance can also help us gain useful insights to deal with family issues. Widtsoe — of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. One woman who stopped attending church at a young age shared the following experience of how her family continued loving her.

In her large LDS family, missions were celebrated in a visible way.

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At age 30 she decided to serve in the United States Peace Corps. She journeyed to Madagascar and devoted all her energy to serving there. Partway through her experience, she learned that her grandmother had included her photo on the wall. When the Peace Corps term ended, grandmother and granddaughter embraced and shed tears.

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Whether or not we have a missionary wall in our homes, there are still plenty of ways we can show all our family members they are loved and valued. As we keep loving our loved ones as they currently are, we can still hold on to the hope that they will return to a gospel-centered life. Often family members do return after a period of wandering. Like the prodigal son, they realize that their former lives brought them good messages and principles, and they embrace those values once again. Those apologetic words come from year-old Alex Molly Wright , and are heard during an internal conversation she has with Jehovah as she listens to her doctor advocate blood transfusions to manage her anaemia.

This is the first instance of Alex voicing her inner dialogue at key moments, an approach that works as an insight both into her emotions and into the wider faith. When she falls pregnant by her Muslim boyfriend, her decision not to convert him to the faith sees her disassociated by the elders. The rift this causes is immediate, with Ivanna and Alex forbidden to interact with Luisa beyond the most basic communication.

This is a particular kind of insidious cruelty; coming not via harsh words or from a place of hatred, it is a withdrawal of love and support at a time when it is most needed, all in the name of spiritual salvation. Alex is hit hard by this, but distraction comes in the form of new elder Steven Robert Emms and the start of a tentative courtship, which has the blessing of both Ivanna and the community.

There is a sense, never vocalised, that this relationship has been orchestrated to keep Alex in the fold. Yet even this chink of happiness cannot last. Yet, heavily pregnant and unable to convince the elders that she truly wishes to repent, frustration overwhelms her and she walks away for good.

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Ivanna sides with the Witnesses. Finneran as Ivanna. For an outsider audience, so much of the Witness faith seems damaging and contradictory, but we are reminded that for many it is also a genuine source of community, kinship and comfort. The proselytising is measured not in rally cries but in quiet, introspective moments. Though his voice is calm, his words benign, the idea that we should in some way mistreat the living to secure a future paradise is one shared by extremists of various persuasions and is, to many of us, utterly chilling.

Much is shot in close-up, and the action never widens beyond the religion. Moments of colour a neon-lit nail bar , of humour one young Witness speaks of demons in the attic, to much laughter , are jolting, and fleeting. This is an oppressive world of rules, in which suffering and sacrifice are payment for a future promise that is unlikely ever to be fulfilled.

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Back to the top. Stone him to death, because he tried to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. Then all Israel will hear and be afraid, and no one among you will do such an evil thing again. In Medieval Spain , a systematic conversion of Jews to Christianity took place, largely under threats and force.

Known apostates who made their mark in history by attempting to convert other Jews in the 14th and 15th centuries include Juan de Valladolid and Astruc Remoch. Some Spanish Jews, however, remained crypto-Jews despite being compelled to convert to Christianity see Anusim. They are also called Marranos. In Sabbatai Zevi claimed to be the Jewish Messiah.

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His Jewish followers were known as Sabbateans. Zevi converted to Islam in Afterwards, some of his followers willingly converted but continued to practise Sabbatean rituals.