Black Devils March - A Doomed Odyssey: The 1st Polish Armoured Division 1939-1945

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There, you rogue, I put you to the torture-- but you must bring your philosophy to bear-- as I do mine-- really, or how should I be able to live?

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Clark is very attentive to me; he says, there is very little the matter with my lungs, but my stomach, he says, is very bad. I am well disappointed in hearing good news from George-- for it runs in my head we shall all die young.

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I have not written to Reynolds yet, which he must think very neglectful; being anxious to send him a good account of my health, I have delayed it from week to week. If I recover, I will do all in my power to correct the mistakes made during sickness; and if I should not, all my faults will be forgiven. I shall write xxx to-morrow, or the next day. I will write to to xxxxx in the middle of next week. Severn is very well, though he leads so dull a life with me. Remember me to all friends, and tell Haslam I should not have left London without taking leave of him, but from being so low in body and mind.

Write to George as soon as you receive this, and tell him how I am, as far as you can guess; --and also a note to my sisterwho walks about my imagination like a ghostshe is so like Tom.

I Am Keats: Escape Your Mind and Free Your Self* (Unabridged)

I can scarcely bid you good bye, even in a letter. I always made an awkward bow. God bless you! We call those inherited and learned accounts of life, 'reality. And it's that reality that keeps so many of us from living an authentic life and doing what we truly long to do.

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In this simple, personal and profound book, Asacker rejects the everyday, traditional ideas of reality and the "quick-fix" formulas for success and happiness. Instead, he pulls back the curtain to reveal the powerful cultural illusions that control your mind and heart, and shows you how to find faith in your true self and return to your own common sense.

"Ode to a Nightingale" by John Keats - Romantic poetry reading

Great read for anyone looking at where they are headed in life and looking at the mindset of your inner Keats to get there and most of all enjoy the journey. Get a free audiobook.

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  • Written by: Tom Asacker. Narrated by: Tom Asacker.

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    Length: 2 hrs and 30 mins. Publisher's Summary Often referred to as "the thinking person's self-help book", I Am Keats is unlike anything else. Asacker P Thomas E. What the critics say "Indescribable.