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Start a Wiki. You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. I said oh no, doncha follow me no more I said oh no, doncha follow me no more Well, I'm looking for my face And I got no place to go I said oh no, doncha follow me no more I said oh no, doncha follow me no more Well, pick your own mind And don't you touch mine no more Still waiting here for a single idea In your clothes and your hair I wore it last year Oh no, doncha follow me no more I said oh no, doncha copy me no more I said oh no, doncha copy me no more Well, the lines 'round my eyes Are protected by a copyright law Well, all the clubs and the bars And the little red cars Not knowing why, but tryin' to get high Oh no, doncha follow me no more Doncha follow Doncha follow.

Nominate as Song of the Day. Amazon: buy Doncha Bother Me. Spotify: Doncha Bother Me. It is also one of the earliest rock albums to eclipse the minute mark, and contains one of the earliest rock songs to pass the minute mark "Goin' Home".

The Rolling Stones - Doncha Bother Me

It has also been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America , indicating sales of at least one million copies. The Rolling Stones began recording Aftermath immediately after their October—December US tour [4] — their fourth and largest tour of the United States up to that point. The plan was abandoned after lead singer Mick Jagger met with the potential director, Nicholas Ray , and disliked him.

The sessions were held on 6—10 December and 3—12 March This time we were able to relax a little, take our time. Wyman recalled that Nitzsche and Brian Jones would pick up instruments that were in the studio and experiment with various sounds for each song. Aftermath is also notable for being the first LP to feature completely original material by the group. Jagger and Richards wrote many of the songs while on the recent US tour.

Jones was important in shaping the album's tone and arrangements, as he experimented with various instruments such as the marimba , sitar and Appalachian dulcimer , which contrasted with the folk, pop, country, blues and rock compositions resulting in a diverse mix of musical styles. Stones biographer Stephen Davis cites the "acid imagery and exotic influences" on the Beatles' Rubber Soul album as the inspiration for Jones' experimentation with the Indian sitar in January The sound of the album contrasts the dark themes explored in Jagger and Richards' lyrics, which often scorn female lovers.

hold a mirror up to life…..are there layers you can see?

Jagger, who had been accused of misogyny in the past, was said by Margotin and Guesdon to be avenging real-life grievances with the songs, using "language and imagery that had the power to hurt". Similar to the latter song, "What to Do" connects modern society to feelings of unhappiness. The band's misgivings about their rock stardom are also touched on, including fans who imitate them "Doncha Bother Me" and relentless concert tours " Goin' Home ". The darker themes led Margotin and Guesdon to call Aftermath "a somber album in which desolation, paranoia, despair, and frustration are echoed as track succeeds track".

Perone identified numerous musical and lyrical features that lend Aftermath a conceptual unity, although not sufficient for it to be considered a concept album. He said that this unity allows for the record to be "read as a psychodrama around the theme of love, desire, and obsession that never quite turns out right". However, the band uses musical connections between songs as well as the subtheme of travel, the use of feline metaphors for women, and other lyrical connections to suggest that the characters whom lead singer Mick Jagger portrays throughout the album are really one and perhaps stem from the deep recesses of his psyche.

Ian MacDonald said that like Between the Buttons , " Aftermath revealed the Stones taking on the role of chroniclers of Swinging London and creating a subversive sort of pop paralleled only by The Kinks. It was ultimately rejected by Decca, and according to Davis, "in the bitterness over lack of control of their work that followed, the album was called Aftermath for want of another concept. The front cover photo for Aftermath ' s British release was taken by Guy Webster [35] and the cover design was done by Oldham, who was credited as "Sandy Beach".

For the American edition's cover, a colour photo was taken by David Bailey depicting Jones and Richards in front of Jagger, Watts and Wyman, against a blurred black background.

Doncha Bother Me by ROLLING STONES| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

According to Margotin and Guesdon, the photo was intentionally blurred as "an allusion to the psychedelic movement" and "corresponds better to the Stones' new artistic direction". Aftermath was first released in the United Kingdom on 15 April by Decca. In the UK, Aftermath topped the albums chart for eight consecutive weeks, replacing the soundtrack album for The Sound of Music at number 1. It stayed on the chart for 28 weeks.

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It entered the Billboard Top LPs on 9 July at number , making it the chart's highest new entry that week. By 13 August, the album had risen to number 2 behind the Beatles' Yesterday and Today. The Rolling Stones' new sound on the album helped attract "thousands of new fans", The Daily Telegraph later wrote.

Aftermath received highly favourable reviews in the music press. It was released just months before Bob Dylan 's Blonde on Blonde and the Beatles' Revolver , albums by artists that Jagger and Richards had received comparisons to while Oldham was promoting the band's artistic maturation to the press. I say that without knowing what's coming later, but whatever it is will have to go some to top this album. The reviewer described Aftermath as the group's best LP to date and one that would "effortlessly take Britain by storm".

The apparent derision of women in the album's lyrics was a source of division among listeners. He said that the Stones' "archetypal girl", as first introduced in their song " Play with Fire ", was "rich, spoiled, confused, weak, using drugs, etc. The reason — they attempt to sing. The Beatles arc a collective entity. The Rolling Stones are one person — Mick Jagger, a singer whose power, subtlety, and wit are unparalleled in contemporary popular music, who is also with fellow Stone Keith Richard the second-best rock composer in the world. Rock aficionados class the Stones with the Beatles, but perhaps they haven't impressed a wider audience because their devotion to the music is pure: the Hollyridge Strings will never record an album of Jagger—Richard melodies.

But for anyone willing to discard his preconceptions, Aftermath is a great experience, a distillation of everything that rock and blues are about. Christgau later wrote a letter to Stereo Review , charging the magazine's editor with deleting and altering the contents of his article, including his concluding statement on Aftermath : "Let me insist that I do not consider the Rolling Stones' Aftermath 'the best album of its kind,' as your editor would have it.

I consider it quite simply the best. Retrospective appraisals have considered the album the most important and musically formative of the Rolling Stones' early records. The first all-originals Stones album, it's so classic-packed their reputation as sub-Beatles hopefuls never recovered. He expressed reservations about the substance behind songs like "Goin' Home" and "Stupid Girl", finding the latter particularly callow, but applauded the band's use of influences from Dylan and psychedelia on "Paint It Black", and similarly praised "Under My Thumb", "Lady Jane" and "I Am Waiting".

Stones songs with great Brian Jones guitar licks

In , the album was digitally remastered along with the band's other s titles as part of ABKCO Records ' reissue campaign. In its anticipation, MacDonald reflected on their music from that decade in Uncut and recognised Aftermath as "a minute epic entirely made up of self-penned songs" that represented an "early peak" in the Stones' career. However, he added that with the August release of Revolver , Aftermath appeared "limp, tame, dated". Club , Hyden cited it as the band's "first full-fledged masterpiece and a template for every classic Stones album that came afterward", crediting it with introducing the "complex, slippery persona" of Jagger's lyrics: "He could be good and evil, man and woman, tough and tender, victim and victimizer.

It was a confounding, complicated image, and willfully constructed to be misunderstood and even alienating, but it made Jagger one of rock's most compelling frontmen.

Aftermath has frequently appeared on rankings of the greatest albums of all-time; according to Acclaimed Music , it is the th most highly rated record on all-time lists. All tracks written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Rolling Stones. Pop rock hard rock art rock blues rock. It had a lot of good songs, it had a lot of different styles, and it was very well recorded. So it was, to my mind, a real marker. Aftermath follows directly in the wake of the Stones' trilogy of songs based on their American Experience: " I Can't Get No Satisfaction ", " Get Off of My Cloud " and " 19th Nervous Breakdown ", and it establishes that they had gained sufficient confidence in their own writing prowess to present an album of all-original material.

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Though perhaps they weren't aware of it then, their initial adrenalin rush which had sustained them for three years was just about exhausted. However, the sheer momentum of their struggle for Stateside supremacy enabled them to pull off this coup de grace without showing any signs of artistic fatigue. Not all dumb, not by any means, but that's how one got. You got really cut off.

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