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We provided draft counseling for anyone, whether he wanted to resist or not. At draft centers, we distributed leaflets encouraging inductees to turn around and go home. At embarkations, we urged troops to refuse to go before it was too late. We gave legal and logistical support to soldiers who resisted their orders.

We destroyed draft records.

Forced to Kill 1994 Action,Thriller R

We arranged religious sanctuary for deserters ready to make a public stand, surrounding them to impede their arrest. We smuggled other deserters into Canada. Then we stood trial, one after another. Most of us were ordered to report for induction, then charged with disobeying that order, though there were soon so many violators that it was impossible to prosecute more than a fraction of us.

I was among that fraction. On Jan. As was the case in almost every draft trial, my judge refused to allow me to present any testimony about the wrong I had set out to right, saying the war was not at issue. Nonetheless, my jury stayed out for more than eight hours before finally convicting me.

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I was sentenced to three years. I appealed my conviction, but abandoned that appeal in July and began my sentence. My fellow resisters and I brought our spirit of resistance to the prison system, organizing around prisoner issues of health care, food and visits. I was a ringleader in my first prison strike while still in San Francisco County Jail, awaiting transfer.

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  8. After being sent on to a federal prison camp in Safford, Ariz. When I was finally moved upstairs, I learned that our Army had expanded the war into Cambodia several weeks earlier. My home was 5 feet by 9 feet. I was frisked when I was sent to work in the morning, when I returned from work in the afternoon and when I both left for and returned from evening recreation. The latter is slow torture for a prisoner. Nonetheless, the parole board released me on March 15, Draft calls were now steadily shrinking as air power replaced ground troops, and military conscription would soon be gutted altogether.

    My parole ended the following summer. I stopped organizing eight months later when peace agreements were finally signed.

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    Several years after that, I was invited to testify at a Senate hearing considering pardons for our draft crimes. I told the senators I had no use for their forgiveness, but I would accept their apology. For those looking for an answer today, here are some lessons I learned:.

    We are all responsible for what our country does.

    How Could the Draft Not Be Slavery?

    Doing nothing is picking a side. Currently, those teams have a 25 percent, Also, the team with the worse record could wind up with the fifth overall pick. These changes would take effect for the draft. Silver is concerned. Tanking is bad for business, especially in the NBA where there is already a chasm between the great teams and everyone else.

    Does Being an ‘Only Son’ Exempt You from a Military Draft?

    There is one surefire way to prevent tanking in sports: Eliminate the draft. The draft basically exists for two reasons: controlling player costs and for marketing purposes. The draft sets a limit on what the incoming workforce is going to be paid.

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    4. Want to stop tanking in the NBA? Kill the draft.
    5. The draft is also used to hype the league. It has always been more of an infomercial than an event. Mock drafts, the actual draft and players in suits are strictly for the fan base to feed upon. Did your team get better? Maybe not. Not only can sports exist without all this, but the draft is inherently un-American and anti-capitalism. In what other occupation are you forced to work for a designated employer? Imagine the top medical school graduate at Harvard being forced to begin his career in Sacramento. Sounds preposterous.

      FACT CHECK: Does Being an 'Only Son' Exempt You from a Military Draft?

      And yet, this is an accepted practice in sports. Fans almost never consider how unjust it is. Instead of a draft, talent acquisition should come through a free-market system. It already exists in baseball for foreign players. Only American high school and college players are draft-eligible. Players from Latin American and Asia are essentially free agents. In the last round of labor negotiations, the owners tried to institute an international draft.

      That plan never happened, but there is a spending cap. All available incoming players should be free agents. Why should there be limits on where they can go and how much they can make? Let the market dictate what their salaries should be. I know. The draft also exists for competitive reasons. So it seems unlikely that anyone else is going to be winning anytime soon.

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      Big metropolitan cities with an established track record of winning will always have an advantage over the rest of the league. In a free market, while places like Boston, L. There are roster limits, limited opportunities and previous contracts. Not everyone can play for the Warriors. Some will simply go to the team that is closest to their hometowns.