Black Devils March - A Doomed Odyssey: The 1st Polish Armoured Division 1939-1945

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The first part about 10 minutes will be based on an oral presentation. Useful materials to prepare the oral presentation will be provided and made available on the UniStudium platform. The second part of the interview will cover the contents of the course books and the materials available on the UniStudium platform.

Extended program The course is aimed at improving language and communication skills in French for professional purposes, i.

European and international relations. Language and communication skills will be improved. Text-typological, lexical and grammatical features of the international discourse will be examined. The activities, that will actively involve students, are based on the analysis of authentic written and audio-visual texts from international francophone organizations and institutions. Details Last update. Share Share. Table of content Table of content. Pages Pages. Il Portale utilizza cookie tecnici per migliorare l'esperienza di navigazione, senza tracciare alcun dato personale.

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Nicolas Sarkozy

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The course provides a specific entrainement for learning French for professional purposes, i. The course aims at developing intermediate level language competence and skills, as well as fostering abilities and knowledge regarding text-typological and lexicogrammatical features of the French used in media and international political communication.

La répartition des compétences normatives nationales en France et en Chine

The course comprises lectures with audio-visual material slides and videos , practical training carried out individually, in pairs and in groups and oral presentations in class. Une mutation, des permanences, p.

Martres, Jean-Louis

Cosma La prima documentazione del Senato di Roma [secoli Xll-xiv], p. Il pose la question de la formule Datum dont l'usage dans plusieurs actes semble ne pas corroborer la distinction traditionnelle entre actum et datum. Demonty Le Thesaurus Diplomaticus, un instrument de travail pour une nouvelle. Herde La Cancellaria fiorentina nel primo Rinascimento, p.

Se pose la question de l'usage des documents royaux.

Conférence inaugurale : Pratiques diplomatiques et « nouvelles relations internationales »

Marques, M. De Cruz Coelho, A.

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Les villes ont besoin de copies de ces documents. La langue est l'allemand.

Semestre 2 | Sciences Po Aix

Les rois tentent de limiter sa position dominante. Punch La diplomatica comunale in Italia dal saggio del Torelli ai nostri giorni, p. Certains registres comptent de nombreuses mains et additions.