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Address 14th St. Boulder, CO Musicians have long found inspiration in this relationship, whether it's analyzing the passage of time, the lessons passed down, or the successes and failures of their fathers. These are the best songs for Dad on Father's Day that contemplate the complexities of fatherhood. Blue Ivy Carter , and talks about the joys of becoming a father and the pain of having gone through a previous miscarriage.

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It hasn't been an easy one, of course, as she fired her father as her manager in But this turned out to be about her father's relationship with her mother, which became a recurring theme on Lemonade that mirrored her own relationship with her husband. This has become a classic father-daughter song since its release in —a staple in many father-daughter wedding dances.

Nas creates an honest account of his own parenting in "Daughters," which analyzes how he was as a father to Destiny Jones. As he said in an interview in about his thenyear-old daughter: "She's so important to me and she always has been.

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They grow so fast and time flies man. Her first song to chart in any country, Amos wrote "Winter" about her relationship with her father. It plays out like a storybook of memories, filled with the advice and confidence her father instilled into her throughout her life.

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Originally written for a musical, "Father and Son" is structured as a conversation between a conservative father and a young revolutionary. It still remains an essential song at personifying the generational divide between fathers and sons. Though it's not specifically written for his own father, Neil Young's "Old Man" has come to define the similarities and differences between men at different stages of their life.

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You had a leather jacket phase yourself but realised the previous fact to be true and abandoned it in favour of sensible Gore-Tex hiking wares. The simple truth is that it takes a certain type of man to pull off wearing leather, and anybody born pre had this pre-built into their very being. Buying your dad something like this Gibson Montana Guitar Strap tells him that you recognise his dominance over you in fashion terms, and that this is a peace offering. Why bother searching for pliers or faffing about when it comes to re-stringing your guitar, when you can get your mitts on the Planet Waves Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter.

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If you can track one down, then expect to drop a serious amount of money. Plus, your Dad will love it! So, your Dad may or may not be a guitarist, but does he still harbour ambitions of being a Rock Demi-God? Plus, you get a bag with it too so, win win!

Pop Music: The 17 Best Father’s Day Songs

Add to that the ability to connect the kit to his laptop via USB MIDI for recording or simply playing along to his favourite track using the Aux input and headphones, he can finally get some relative peace and quiet and live out his youthful fantasy. Rock on Dad! Adjustable stool, pair of headphones, pair a drumsticks — job done! If you fancy splashing out an extra few quid, you can go for the Mirage KS20 Double-Braced option for the budding Rick Wakeman in your life.

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